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April 10, 2010

An Unbroken Imperial Line

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It is often said that Japan has an unbroken imperial lineage… what isn’t said is that for hundreds of years, the Emperor had no power.  Michael Steele would know a little about that.  The men who controlled Japan during its feudal period kept the figurehead around for religious and ceremonial reasons, but relegated him to the stands while they kept a tight reign on the game.  Nominally loyal to the Shogun, the military leaders known as daimyo fought amongst themselves for power, wealth, land and prestige.

Today’s Republican party echoes of that distant and disjointed past really loudly.  They keep Michael Steele around for show.  That’s how he got elected, his losses in almost every other contest he’s participated in notwithstanding.  He is the Emperor drawing the eye with his “hip hop” style and his “street wise” manner.  He’s trotted out to show the inclusion of the GOP, to give a dark face to the Tea Party, and to demonstrate inclusion.  But he has no power.  The money behind the elephant is going elsewhere.

And the lieutenants are squabbling.  The Daimyo that pledge their loyalty are shoving and shifting, fighting for billing and bankSarah PalinNewt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor… all these have designs on the Shogun’s title, because the Shogun is weak and about to be cut from the herd (can you hear me, Senator McCain?)  They are smiling in each other’s faces, all taking swipes at President Obama, hoping to gain the loyalty of foot soldiers and soul merchants to make their run at the presidency.

A witness to history would suggest that in their battles to gain prominence, they are damaging themselves and their “allies” because the worst in each of their characters is revealed.  At the end of the day, the Emperor sits there, a voyeur to the squabbling with absolutely no impact, and hence, no import.  That’s why they let him stay.  He draws the eye and is a useful distraction.  His continued reign over the GOP will allow them to say, in much the same tones used to reference Japan’s unbroken imperial line, that Republicans are diverse and inclusive, too.

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