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March 30, 2010

A Case of Double Standards from the High and Mighty

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This afternoon after taking a nap to help me recover from the bad cold my body has been trying to fight off for the last two days, I started to read the local newspaper online.  Much to my amusement I saw an article there about Sarah Palin’s latest Facebook entry.   Palin steps up rhetoric against her detractors read the headline.  I read the article, and then decided to head over to her Facebook page where I am a registered fan to read the entry in its entirety for myself.  Of course, I am not a fan, but I registered anyway.

I read over her inflammatory entry and was suddenly stuck by how immature Sarah Palin is, especially for a woman who is going to be 46 years old in April.  I was going to leave a comment, like I had the day before where I had asked her to remove the crosshairs from the picture, or does she like being known as a domestic terrorist?  Having heard her repeatedly make the claim that Barack Obama is a terrorist I thought, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  However, on this day I could not leave her a message like the two times I had before, or like her fans are doing today.  Clearly, I have been bad for calling her a domestic terrorist and can no longer comment on her Facebook page.  Apparently Sarah Palin can say whatever she pleases including her megalomaniac followers; after all, she and her fans are Americans with the right to free speech and an ax to grind with President Obama, Democrats, the media, and anyone who disagrees with her.  However, say anything about her, even indirectly through her Facebook page and it is curtains for you!  What I found ironic about being censored on her Facebook account is the very headline for her latest diatribe against the “the liberal media”: Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship.  She accuses others of censorship when she does it to anyone, and I mean anyone, who is critical of her!

I have one thing to say to you, Sarah Palin, grow up little girl.  Your blatant immaturity and hypocrisy is stinking up the place.

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March 29, 2010

All the President’s Pens

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I have always wondered why all of those pen were used while singing bills into law.  I am sure others may have been wondering the same thing.  Here is an explanation.

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March 28, 2010

The Poor Loser Party

It has been a while since I wrote and a lot has happened, both politically and personally. There have been times when I have had a lot to say about current events, clearly healthcare reform certainly has been, and will continue to be, controversial with plenty to write about. However, I predict that over the years, there will be volumes written on it, both favorable and unfavorable. I am going to wait until all of the legal proceedings have finished and a ruling made, probably by the United States Supreme Court, before I say much on the subject beyond I think some are overreacting. Unfortunately, healthcare reform has come to this. That said, I am going to rename the GOP, Grand Old Party, the PLP, Poor Losers Party. It is unfortunate that American politics has degenerated to us against them, but it has and it started the night Barack Obama won the presidential election. The PLP has been nothing more than obstructionists and, I predict, will be for the remainder of President Obama’s first term in office. The PLP have not just been obstructionists about healthcare reform, it includes the PLP either blocking or doing nothing for the seventy seven high level federal appointments that President Obama needs to make and soon. When former president Bush was this far into his first term, he only had five more federal appointments to make. The PLP is doing their best to make doing the people’s business as difficult as possible.

Since I last wrote, Sarah Palin continues her bitter rhetoric. Palin is nothing more than spiteful agitator. She does not bring anything that is substantive to American politics. She thrives on spewing hate and dividing Americans. She is not the patriot she claims to be, she is anything but. In fact, she proves her critics right when it her comes to her intelligence, or lack thereof. Her Facebook account flaunts rifle crosshairs over 20 Democratic Congressional Districts of Democratic Congressmen, or women, she wants to see lose their jobs. Once healthcare reform passed she also tweeted, “Don’t retreat, reload.”  That is not very bright.

Sarah Palin’s  defense has been that she is not doing that over their homes and that she meant the latter was to have a revolution at the ballot box. It was about voting. Okay, Sarah, let me explain this to you. I promise to type slowly since it is blatantly obvious you cannot think quickly, or at all. Anyone who is in elected office has to live in the district they represent. In Georgia congressional districts have been gerrymandered, so an elected official is living in the congressional district they were elected to. I remember one instance where the district could not be gerrymandered enough to constitutionally have the person living in the district. The person retired instead of move. Also elected officials have offices in the districts they were elected to represent. The congress people you put in your rifle crosshairs can be easily found.  Furthermore, no one other than you and your brainwashed minions believe your position that you “meant voting”, like the Tea Party member in Washington State “knew” she meant voting when she called for the hanging of her Democratic congresswoman. Yes, it is contagious on the right, stupidity. “We all know” what you really mean. “We all know” your intentions. Let us overlook that that one called for murder and you, Sarah, are inciting violence, even though you protest otherwise and blame the “lamestream” media. Really, Sarah, Rush Limbaugh coined that phrase, so could you at least put forth some sort of effort with coining a phrase of your own? Can you also quit blaming everyone for calling you out on your behavior? You tweeted that, that picture is on your Facebook page, and your name is on both, you therefore are responsible for it. Finally, Sarah, and I will type very slowly here, you forget your social status, you are a former vice presidential candidate for the highest office in the land, a former governor of Alaska, an influential author, and a leader in the Tea Party and in the PLP (GOP).  Sarah, what you did for someone of your status is unconscionable, and beyond the pale of stupidity. It is not just your status, but if something bad does happen to any of these Democrats it will come back to you.   Sarah, again very slowly, not everything is protected free speech. What you said is really stupid and only proves that you are stupid. And there are people who want you to run for the White House!?! It really goes to show that some Americans really are stupid.

One final thing, Sarah, you think your words do not have influence? This picture was taken at the last Tea Party rally. I bet it makes you proud.

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I’m Tired, Too

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For two years of the presidential campaign, from 2007-2008, I lived and breathed politics.  Though I didn’t begin Spreading the Word until early 2008, I was reading and talking about the candidates long before then (think 2004 Democratic National Convention’s keynote speech).  With the election of Barack Obama, it seemed that I’d be able to go back to my day job, teaching, and be able to leave the day-to-day political awareness and direction of the nation to my elected representatives.

I was wrong.

The election of Barack Obama angered many Republicans, scared some people who are “bitter, clinging to their guns and religion”, gave birth to the Tea Party movement, and generally ginned up even more opposition than I believed possible.  I’m not sure why I thought his opponents would understand they LOST THE ELECTION and be a little quieter.  But John Boehner and Eric Cantor continue to lie and scream about the president; Lindsey Graham is sitting on Meet The Press complimenting the President on his parenting style while blasting a series of untruths that the President is “governing as an American liberal in a center-right nation” and that the President hasn’t done any “heavy lifting” on legislation; Mitch McConnell is saying that Republicans are going to run in November on “Repeal and Replace”; and Sarah Palin is helping John McCain run further and further into the weeds on the right side of the political spectrum.

While I know politics isn’t flag football, I don’t expect it to be Celebrity Death Match, either.  It seems, though, that implementing an agenda which speaks to the best in the American ideals and meets the goals stated in the Constitution is going to be a continuous engagement, because the opponents are galvanized.

We have to continue to participate – to writeto speak, to think, to act, to vote.

I know.  I’m tired, too.  But if not us, then who?

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March 23, 2010

President Barack Obama Signs Health Care Bill Into Law

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March 22, 2010

President Barack Obama on Health Care Bill Passage

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What We’ve Done

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I’m tired of listening to John Boehner and all the “we used to be in office” critics of the President talk about how he hasn’t accomplished anything yet.  I’m tired of listening to Chuck Todd and David Gregory spinning narratives about whether President Obama’s presidency hinges on the pending health care reform legislation being voted on today.  A quick glance at the White House website has a comprehensive list of the legislation signed by the President in the last fourteen months (excerpted below with links).  It has even more Executive Orders signed by the President, and Presidential Memoranda issued.  From the tax breaks for donations to Haiti to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, this President is, to quote DNC Chairman Tim Kaine on Meet The Press this morning, “doing the heavy lifting.”

I titled this post What We’ve Done because we helped put this man in office.  We elected a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.  And the changes are getting made.  To listen to the mainstream media, which needs a narrative to spin because they don’t think people will pay attention to the actual machinations of government, each day is a referendum.  They have to set up a straw man of inaction, to fuel the fire.  They need to put a microphone in front of John Boehner, Mike Pence, Michael Steele and other merchants of misinformation because “we won’t watch” if there isn’t blood in the water.

When Health Care reform legislation passes today and is passed in the Senate using reconciliation (which is a vote on the legislation which means more Senators have to vote for it than against it – shocking concept) and the President signs it into law, we’ll add this to the list of changes and keep stepping.  UPDATE: H.R.3590 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform!) passed the House of Representatives March 21, 2010 by a margin of 219-212. Since the Senate passed the same legislation Christmas Eve, 2009, President Obama will sign into law this week.

As our attention shifts from what has passed, from what is past, to what is to come, let’s approach it with a firm grasp of the recent history of our president, and of our country.  There’s a reason his approval ratings just jumped almost ten points. He’s doing a good job.  And we’re the ones who put him there.

Look what we’ve done.

Featured Legislation (from whitehouse.gov)

  • Signed on March 18, 2010

The HIRE Act

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March 15, 2010

Health Insurance Rate Hikes

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March 8, 2010

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Right after Sarah Palin gave her key note speech at the first annual Tea Party Convention she was lambasted in the media, blogs, and other outlets for having notes on her hand after criticizing President Barack Obama for using Teleprompters early on her key note address to the convention.  True to her nature, the following two speeches she was to give reporters were not allowed to film or record her speech.   Sarah Palin likes to criticize, but she cannot take it.  She likes to play the role of the victim, yet time and time again she only exposes her hypocrisy.

What Sarah Palin did not consider when she made her media blackout is that people have cell phones and that many have video recorders in them.  It was because of this we learned the real why she did not want to be videotaped or have audio taped, besides her being a hypocrite; we were reminded how frightening her ideology is influenced by her Pentecostal roots.  Her views are extreme, are divorced from reality, and frankly, out there.  Sarah Palin is a religious crackpot.

Sarah Palin was recorded saying the following:

Isaiah 49:16 reads: “See, I have engraved on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.”

“Hey, if was good enough for God, scribbling on the palm of his hand, it’s good enough for me, for us.  He says, in that passage he says, I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you.  And I’m like OK, I’m in good company,” Palin said to laughter.

You know, Sarah and the Republicans, I have one thing to ask you.  So how is that crackpot Sarah-ey Palin-ey thing going for ya? This is what the right wing religious nuts want in the White House and then has the nerve to criticize the president?  People you live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity defending herself after the Tea Party Convention:

Sarah Palin using a teleprompter:

Sarah Palin talking about getting blessed by the visiting witch hunter and praising him:

Yup, Sarah Palin and the religious religious far right live in the twilight zone and throw stones.

Palin On Her Palm Notes: God Did It Too (Video)

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March 7, 2010

Boots on the Ground

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If you watch the nightly news, you may have forgotten . . . Haiti was hit by an earthquake eight weeks ago.  Our “it bleeds it leads” media has gone from pimping the images of poor black folk wandering the streets of Port au Prince ala Hurricane Katrina to not reporting about the continuing struggle to get aid to the people, to rebuild the structure and infrastructure of the government, to bury the dead with dignity.

The earthquake didn’t go away, the buildings didn’t spring back up when the American media decided it wasn’t sexy to watch people crying and dying anymore.

Oh, wait . . . there are always the looters in Vinha del Mar, Chile.  Since my in-laws live in the north of Chile, and we found out in the wee hours of the morning that they were all accounted for and healthy, we’ve been keeping up with the news via Facebook and email.  Eleven days after the 8.8 earthquake shook the earth off its axis, the nightly news has forgotten.  We haven’t forgotten.  My cousin who’s cousin is still missing hasn’t forgotten.  But I can’t find out what is happening on the tv, or the radio around here.

In the United States, we are a provincial people to be sure. If it didn’t happen in my city, it’s not that important.  If it isn’t happening in Washington, it’s not that important.  If it doesn’t affect us directly, we just don’t care.  That’s not the way it should be, but it seems like that’s the way it is.

I gave money when the quake hit Haiti.  I bought the new We Are the World to give more money.  Tomorrow, there will be Chilenos in my living room figuring out how to organize and get supplies to family, friends and loved ones who’ve been shaken.

Where is the world?  No, that’s not my question.  Where are we, the supposed “last, best hope of mankind”?  Giving money seems to mean that we as Americans can forget about other nation’s problems.  It’s this parochial mentality that has Liz Cheney calling the United States’ Department of Justice the “Department of Jihad”, and people in the United States arguing whether we should take steps to combat global warming.

There needs to be an American mission that forces us to travel and help other people who really don’t have healthcare.  All the money donated doesn’t in fact help citizens of the United States appreciate the ideals embodied in the documents written by the founders or the blessings bestowed upon us by providence.

Instead, we have “missionaries” trying to steal children, and soundbites saying that people looking for food in the wake of unimaginable disasters are looters, showing their arrests as the lead in to the news but not talking about (or showing) what people are doing to recover.

Each of us needs to put boots on the ground.  Maybe then our conversations will be substantive instead of verbal wrangling and games of acquisition and maintenance of privilege.

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