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February 27, 2010

Revolutions Have Been Started Over Less

“Let them eat cake!” quipped Marie Antoinette concerning bread shortages in France.   There were bread shortages at the time of a financial crisis and an unfair tax system that favored nobility making France ripe for revolution.  Sound familiar?

It is clear that Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky did not learn anything from history.  It is clear that he does not know the phrase, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  However, it is not just his lack of knowledge, or comprehension of history that is most troubling, it is his partisanship and ego that are.  After being an obstructionist on the floor of the Senate on Friday and after getting called out for it Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky was heard uttering the words, “Tough shit.”

What happened on the floor of the US Senate on Friday is very disturbing, especially for those who rely on federal, not state, unemployment benefits to help pay their bills until they can find a job, and/or those who have COBRA insurance, which is health insurance for the laid off and unemployed.   Senator Jim Bunning blocked a bill that would provide an additional 30 days of extended benefits to the unemployed and COBRA recipients.

Now why would Republican Jim Bunning do such a thing?  Could it be that he is that partisan, that his ego is that large, or is it because he hates President Obama?  Answer: all three.

He has served in both Houses for twenty three years, currently serving as a US Senator, that means he served under former president Bush, so I wonder why the poor memory?  Currently he is demanding that a way be found to pay for the 30 day extension of benefits.  He claims to be outraged with the amount of money being spent in Washington DC these days.  He is angry with President Obama for the amount of debt that was incurred in the last two years of the Bush Administration and is blaming Obama for it.  Senator Jim Bunning seems to have a poor memory of signing, year after year, a blank check to finance the war in Iraq, a war that was started on a string of lies. Wars are not cheap either.  He also has a poor memory of former president Bush spending huge sums of Medicare money on Big Business and Unions; even though both told him they did not want or need the money.   Senator Bunning is an angry old man with an ax to grind with President Obama simply because he does not like him.  Senator Jim Bunning has been heard referring to President Obama as “your president”, thus disowning him.

Here is the outcome of Senator Jim Bunning’s actions: starting Monday, March 1st, the jobless will no longer be able to apply for federal unemployment benefits or COBRA health insurance subsidy.  Because the Senate did not act, (read Jim Bunning) the jobless will now stop getting checks once they run out of their state benefits or current tier of federal benefits.

That could be devastating to the unemployed who were counting on that for income.  In total, more than one million people could stop getting checks next month, with nearly 5 million running out of benefits by June, according to the National Unemployment Law Project.

All week Republican Senator Jim Bunning blocked a 30 day extension on unemployment benefits.  The Senate will not return for a vote on this until Tuesday.

The national unemployment rate currently stands at 9.7% and is expected to remain that high for the rest of the year and is not expected to drop to 6.6% or 7.5% until 2012.  The unemployment rate is not expected to drop to 5.8% until seven years from now.   Republican Jim Bunning was confronted on the floor of the Senate with these facts and the unemployment rate of each state, which is when he  was heard saying, “Tough shit.”

Really, Jim, tough shit?  Jim, there are millions of unemployed people in the country right now and you just took away the only means many have for getting themselves through an economic tough time.  I am one of them.  Jim, I am going to point out to you the figure where 5 million people will run out unemployment benefits by June if there is not any further assistance.  That is 5 million angry people with a motive to start a revolution and it will start at your home and office, since you are the sole cause of it.  You see, Jim, someone like me relies on unemployment to help pay the rent and car note, while my savings pays for food, utilities, and other hidden expenses.  I do not have COBRA at this time because I cannot afford it.  I need to pay for my car, so I can look for a job.  Health insurance, which I need, right now is a luxury.  I can also tell you about my unemployed friend who has Lupus needs COBRA, so she can get medical treatment for her illness.  Her COBRA health insurance costs her $1,200 a month for her and her husband, and that is with the break provided for in the stimulus plan.  But, in your mind it is, “Tough shit.”  Well, Jim, it will be tough shit for you when the angry mob with a motive turns up at your door.  I will not tolerate being a pawn in your game of brinkmanship with President Obama, just because you do not like him.  Your hatred is going to throw me, and people like me on to the street, and it is going to kill my friend, murderer.

Sen. Jim Bunning holds floor: ‘Tough s–t’

Jobless Benefits Start Ending on Sunday

How Bush Bankrupted America

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  1. Bunning is an ass. He runs a non-profit foundation where almost 40% of the money taken in goes towards his salary. Only 25% actually goes towards charity.

    Comment by Ben Hoffman — February 27, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

  2. The obstruction of anti-recession measures, of course, has become ridiculous. Even those who initially supported such efforts, out of concern over rising debt, are beginning to wonder at the wisdom of them. Bunning may just find himself alone on this after all. Likewise the Republicans who are filibustering against healthcare reform. Democrats are betting that tough circumstances will win out over debt worries before the midterm elections. Hopefully they’re right.

    Comment by theothergardener — March 1, 2010 @ 10:01 pm

  3. Did you know that Jim Bunning, on his website, states that he is an active member of a Christian church? Anyway… I just posted what I did to start applying pressure to this jerk from all ends. Don’t know if it will work but if you can help out, that would be great! Here’s the direct link to my blog post:


    Thanks so much!


    Comment by bittenbyazebra — March 1, 2010 @ 11:08 pm

  4. I have already sent one nasty e-mail to him. I sent that a copy of that same e-mail to both of my senators, and congressman, with a little more elaboration. Senator Jim Bunning is playing the role of the obstructionist over a 30 day extension, or more to the point, over Barack Obama being the president. He’s using the poor and unemployed as a tool is in blind hatred of Obama. He’s going to find himself isolated by his own party, which is fine with me. In the mean time, if your state or federal benefits lapse, or go to move into the next tier, whomever will not get a check for the lapse period. Not at the time of debate, or afterward. If this debate drags on for the rest of the month you are SOL. Speaking for myself, my unemployment benefits end at the end of March. I could use a 30 day extension, but even then that is not enough. It’s extremely stressful being unemployed right now. There are too many looking for work.

    Comment by Julie P — March 1, 2010 @ 11:23 pm

  5. Every single phone number to Senator Bunning’s offices started out with a busy signal, when I got through no one answered and voicemail was full.

    Comment by Julie P — March 2, 2010 @ 1:43 pm

  6. It would be lovely to think Bunning could join the ranks of the unemployed come the next election…

    Comment by Bob in Queensland — March 4, 2010 @ 8:27 am

  7. Bunning’s retiring this year. He has nothing to lose.

    Comment by Julie P — March 4, 2010 @ 10:15 am

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