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April 16, 2009

April Update

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It has been a while I posted anything. Normally I have been posting political satire cartoons, or video events of the Obama Administration, but in the last two weeks I have not been finding cartoons that I think are funny, and even  though Obama gives plenty of press conferences and the like, he does not give that many. My apologies to those who like to visit my blog and are finding nothing new. I am just not that inspired these days.

Currently I am working on my third month of unemployment and I have never been as bored in my life as I am now. Although I continue looking for work, which consumes part of my day, it does not consume all of it, which results in lots of free time. Besides, how many resumes can I keep sending out and not get a response from without losing interest? I have not been on a job interview in a month. With three and a half months of unemployment insurance left it does concern me. At this point I am a little lost as what to do next besides going about my life as I had intended right after I first lost my job. I am glad I had the foresight to plan ahead and to give myself goals to reach, however small, during my unemployment.

This month I have started attending a GMAT prep class every Saturday morning, with the hopes of attending graduate school to get a Master’s of accounting degree. Even if I do not start graduate this fall as I have planned, I will have taken this class and gone on to take the GMAT. I can attend graduate school at any time in the next five years with the score I get from the test I take. I say this because I have started the process of getting federal funding for school through a non-profit organization that stipulates they will not fund a Master’s degree or even a Bachelor’s degree. However, for me I will only need ten classes to get a BBA in accounting and the amount of money they are offering to pay for a program of study would cover those ten classes. It will not pay for the books, but the tuition will be paid for. If I were walking in there asking for an entire Bachelor’s degree (aka 52 classes and a lot of money)I would not get it. I may talk with them about getting a Macc, but I am not holding my breath. I am confident that I will be able to persuade them into getting me into the accounting field I have the background for it. That said, I will not have my third appointment with them until May, when I will get the money for additional studies. In the mean time, while I was at the non-profit business I did see that there are job opportunities including a call center that is opening nearby and hiring 500 people. Tomorrow I have an appointment to talk with them about a job. I may as well. I am so bored and I know I need a job, even if I get the extended unemployment benefits that the stimulus package offers some day the money will run out.

So to my regular readers this is what is new; moving ahead with furthering my education and continuing to look for a job in a bleak job market.

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