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March 13, 2009

The Interview

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The day before I had my job interview I drove to the office of the business. I just could not remember sending my resume out to this business and no amount of memory jogging was working, so a drive by my help me. It did not help me remember, but it did tell me the business is serious and very profitable, not just for the business, but for the employees as well, at least judging by the number of high end cars parked around the business. My mind was at least put to rest that it is not a fly by night operation. That night I scoured their website learning as much as I could about their software, business, and business model.

That morning I suited up and showed up.

The business is very nice, very very nice. It is a high end software firm that has its own niche market. When I was told how much they charge for their software and services somehow I managed to stifle my amazement. I had no idea one could charge $100,000 for software. One learns something new every day.

I was given the job description. In a nutshell, the position is a compilation of a lot of different aspects of the business, especially in their burgeoning legal accounting division; they need an educated schmoozer.

I got in there and pitched myself. It was all I could do. Talk about my background, how I can benefit the business, and what my long range goals are. It was toward the end of the interview when I learned what job I sent my resume of to, where, and when. The job was posted in the city newspaper under customer service positions for one day. In my humble opinion, this job is anything but. Customer service reps do not give presentations, online or in the executive boardroom, which is part of this job. They do not fly to clients businesses to help train the staff. They do not need to know GAAP either. They do none of that. This is a high end senior executive assistant position, plus some. It is a sweet job.

The job interview lasted an hour, with the interviewer walking me to my car. The interview went very well. He told me that he will have his decision by the start of the next business week.

I think I got the job. He told me liked me, we talked salary, and when I could start, and can I wait? His only concern is that I may be over qualified for the job, which I turned into a positive. I want this job, it suits my temperament.

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