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March 1, 2009

Obama Conspiracy Theorists

It’s a lazy rainy Sunday morning, aside from lighting a fire in the fireplace and making a pot of coffee, it was time to check out was is going on online.  But first, I wearily eyed my dwindling coffee bean supply, not wanting to go a grocery store to replenish the supply, especially since the local news is still reporting that Atlanta will get anywhere from one to three inches of snow tonight.  I decided I have enough to last five days and ventured out into cyberspace.  It did not take me long to come across an article on an issue that I thought was settled and long dead, especially since Barack Obama had been sworn into office five weeks earlier, but there it was in all of its glory a three page article on the conspiracy theorists who still insist that he is not a naturalized US citizen and that his presidency is illegitimate.  I read the story courtesy of Politico.com, sighed and got a good laugh.

The summary of the article is that the conspiracy theorists firmly insist that Obama is not a natural born citizen, with improbable and easily discredited scenarios, who have become an embarrassment to even the far right who want to be disassociated from a group of people who have become regarded as pariah to them and the laughing stock to the left and centrists.  No matter, they still hang on to their conspiracy theory netherworld. 


Not being a psychologist I do not understand the attraction to conspiracy theories, any of them, so their need escapes me.  However, I do recognize when an American myth is born and will follow a president long after they leave the White House that could last for years, decades, or even centuries.  There is the myth about George Washington and the cherry tree, started by one of his biographers that have become part of Americana folklore.  Another myth surrounds the only bachelor US President, James Buchanan, who endured whisper campaigns that he was homosexual that has left some still scratching their heads well over a century later.  Living in the south, I have heard all kinds of things said about Abraham Lincoln.  Of course, since the south was on the losing side of the Civil War and history it is somewhat understandable to hear them, but for those who are still fighting the Civil War, I say move on.  It is 144 years after it ended.  And, yes, there still are people like that; in the nearly twenty three years I have lived in the south I periodically run into someone who is still fighting the Civil War, and it is not just the stereotypical redneck, some are well educated professionals.  I met one of the latter last weekend.  So, here we are in the 21st Century and another myth is in its infancy that will become endless fodder for the cyber world, and material for political scientists and historians to teach about when they go over political campaigns and the mudslinging that was involved.


So on this rainy Sunday morning I had a good laugh thanks to those who will not move on from political presidential campaign mudslinging.       


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