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February 28, 2009

Rainy Weekend

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Winter has returned to Atlanta.  The winters here are so frenetic, it is spring like for days at a time, then cold and windy, back to spring, and then cold and rainy, like it is today and will be tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow there is snow in the forecast, with anywhere from an inch to three inches of snow.  I know that is not a lot of snow, but for Atlanta it may as well be Armageddon.  People and the local media overreact to the point that goes beyond hyperbole.  The grocery stores will be crammed with shoppers buying a month’s supply of food and alcohol and the media will carry on with how treacherous and dangerous it is outside; twenty four hours later it will all be over, but before then let’s over react.  Of course, since Atlanta very rarely gets snow it gives people the chance to enjoy, panic more like, the rare winter event.

I have gotten southern in some aspects, like the cold rainy weather we are having today.  I had made plans to go to a local coffee bar and a couple of other places to put in an application for part time work as a means to keep myself busy, and stretch the savings out a little further while I wait for the real job to come along.  But, when I opened the door and was hit with cold, damp air, and saw the rain I turned around and thought Monday would be a better day.  It is amazing how soft I have gotten.  Had I been living in Wisconsin I would have marched out the door and got on with my day, not anymore.  It is beneath me and just too yucky outside to venture out.

On the list of things to do, look for jobs online, wash the dishes, clean the litter box, and wash a load of clothes, most of which has been done.  A nice roaring fire is last with a nap on the sofa with the cats.  It may not be exciting, but it beats getting chilled to the bone while asking for a part time job I otherwise would not be asking for.  


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