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February 8, 2009

The Atlanta Ballet’s Performance of “Dracula”

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In grade school I was taken on a class trip for my very first theatric performance; it was the Milwaukee ballet company’s performance of “Cinderella”.  It was magical to see, the dancing, the costumes, the music; all was fascinating.  As young child I did not understand stories set to dance, but I liked it.  The exposure to the arts did not spark a passion for it, but it did leave me with an interest in it.  Over the passage of time I have attended other performances, both at the ballet and the theater, though infrequently.  It was when I studied abroad in Ireland and the United Kingdom where I developed more appreciation for the arts.

During my visit to Edinburgh I saw a performance of “Cats” in a three hundred year old theater.  It is six years later and what I remember the most was the theater, with its much too small seats.  When our class reached London I was drawn to Leicester Square, the center of theater in London, and in my opinion all of Europe.  There are many, many plays, dances, comedies, and musicals to choose from, some classics with some original productions.  Leicester Square is a cornucopia of arts and entertainment.  On my first visit to London I saw an anti-war remake of “Dr. Strangelove” renamed “The Strange Madness of George Dubya”.  It was set in a small theater, with a small cast, and very well done.  The production definitely defined camp.  I also attended Princess Theater to see “Les Miserable” with three of the sweetest sopranos and one amazing tenor.  The performance was perfect in all ways.  The cast did such an amazing job that afterward I decided to never see it again, because any performance of “Les Miserable” would be a disappointment and would never measure up to the performance I saw on the London stage.  On my second and third visits to London I made other visits to Leicester Square to see “Evita” and “Wicked”; I was hooked.


It was this past December and only months since my last visit to the theater that I decided it was time to see anther show, it was then I saw that the Atlanta Ballet was putting on their adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”.  The performance was sensual, as well as, sensuous with excellent choreography, live music, and dedicated company who played their roles well.  The man who played Dracula certainly got into character and did not come out of it, even during the curtain call of the company.  It was a production worth attending.  

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