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February 7, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

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So I have had the luxury of not working for a week now.  It has been rather pleasant, with the exception of the unusually cold weather recently.  I understand that it is January, the height of winter, but this transplanted northerner has succumb to the southern view that winter happens anywhere, but here, and if it does get wintery here, it is supposed to last no longer than a day, but enough about the weather. 

The week began with a clean apartment, with a few things out of order, but not a lot.  By Thursday, while engrossed in a conversation with a friend in another country, I looked around my apartment and noticed its complete disarray.  For someone who lives alone with two cats it is amazing how the three of us, mostly me, can trash 800 sq. ft. without even trying.  I guess it is a whole other story when it is just you, things can be used and left without the concern of someone else coming up behind you to take notice.   My other guess would be that I was so focused on getting into graduate school that my mind became narrowly focused on that, even then I am not through, I still need to apply for scholarships for the fall semester.

It has been a good week with seeking advisement from former college advisors.  Not only was I helped with getting direction for obtaining my goal, it was also a pleasant time catching up with them, with the exception of learning that one of my favorite professors passed away last May.  He was in his early 60’s.  The news, when I got it yesterday, saddened me.

So here it is, Saturday morning, now Saturday afternoon and my apartment is still a mess.  Well, not as much of a mess as when I first woke up, but not anywhere near to what I want it to be.  Since I have unprecedented amounts of free time it can be easy for me to put off chores and a number of other things.  Today is the day when I prioritized the tasks ahead of me, both personal and economic.

At the end of it all I will be rewarded for my work. 

Well, it is off to live my Saturday and to cap it off with a night at the ballet seeing a performance of “Dracula”.

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