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January 11, 2009

Winter Day

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While laying on the sofa under a wool blanket that I brought back from Edinburgh, Scotland, with my black cat laying on my lap, reading The Boleyn Inheritance by the glow of a roaring fire on an overcast gray winter day as I sip on my cup of Lady Grey tea, my mind suddenly and unexplainably wonders to the ice cream aisle at the nearby gourmet grocery store.  There in the freezer case lays the wonders of Italian sorbets and gelatos in all of their magnificent colors of rich reds, deep browns, cool mangos, and icy whites just crying out to be eaten.  I cast my gaze out into the bare, wet woods behind my apartment and back onto the glow of the fire and wonder if it is possible to eat such a delicious treat on such a dank day.  Surely it is much too cold and wet a day to sink my mouth onto a spoonful of Lisbon Lemon Sorbet or Roman Raspberry.  I concede that it is and yearn for a warmer winter day when I can at least enjoy a spoonful of this gourmet sorbet and gelato Italian treat.  It took me a while to resist this impulse, but the thought still lingers.  Could it be that I really want it to be a sultry summer day, so I can eat all of the ice cream that I want?  Or could it really be that I just want the taste of the sorbet on my tongue?  In either case, the hot, humid days of summer are still slightly more than four months off, and as delightful as these gourmet treats are, the thought of eating them makes me cold inside, so I will remain content with my Lady Grey tea and the warmth of the roaring fire.  All right I will at least succumb to the delicious pear frangipane tart that waits for me in the kitchen. 

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