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January 11, 2009

Cosby Hails Obama, Knocks Hannity

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As a young adult I watched The Cosby Show, a sitcom about an upper class family in living in Brooklyn, NY. Watching the show I never really thought about the Huxtables as black, just funny. A show where dad always wore a sweater that somehow became a running joke and the family had their normal trials and tribulations. Of course, in Hollywood only a doctor and a lawyer could spend half their time at home getting caught up in outlandish situations, but that is what made the show funny. Another that it never even occurred to me then, and still baffles me now, is how the Huxtables became such a role model family. Overall they struck me as normal.

I grew up in a white middle class family with two parents that both held down jobs, dad was a clerk for a railroad and shipping business, and mom worked at the department store first selling candy, then working in the credit department. My siblings and I grew up in a modest home with a dog, white picket fence, and a Catholic grade school education, then went to public high schools. It is 51 years later and mom and dad are still married, and will remain that way until they die. My brother and sister are married, with children of their own. In fact, one child is already married with one child and another on the way. One is about to graduate from college and just moved out of the house, another is away at college, another just started college, and one just graduated from high school and is living at home. I think the only outstanding thing about my family is that we had a genealogist in the family who traced our family tree back to colonial Pennsylvania in 1699, a president is in the family, and we have photographs of ancestors dating back to the 1860’s. When I visited my parents this Christmas I saw pictures dating back to my great great great grandmother who was pretty old by the time the picture was taken. There are seven generations of my family hanging on my parent’s walls.

Now you may wonder why I bring up my family, well, I bring it up because it is my reference point to the world. To the point of the blog entry.

As we know Bill Cosby has come out and made some strong statements about the state of the black American family and was taken to task for it. However, Bill Cosby recently came out praising the Obamas as a role model family.

Bill Cosby told WTOP radio station that Barack and Michelle Obama were examples of the parenting and family values he’s challenged black America to strengthen.

“Who is Barack Obama and what did he tell, when talked to his mother? What was it he was saying when he said his mother woke up, 4:30 in the morning to correct his homework, to get it done?” Cosby asked rhetorically. “Let’s listen to Michelle who talks about her father with disease, he doesn’t call in work and say, let me call in later. He gets up and hour earlier.”

“There are statements made which tell us, you know, that people can make it because the try,” Cosby said.

Cosby brushed back criticism about African Americans – taking a crack at Fox News commentator Sean Hannity in the process.

“I’m not worried about white people. Hannity – I’m not worried what he says,” Cosby said. “I’m not worried about any racist people who are going to bring it up.”


Absolutely the First Family is an excellent role model family, and not just to Black American families, but to all families on many different levels. As for this white woman I see in the Obamas the ability to overcome, to strive for your dreams, to do what it takes to achieve them, and what I see is the one American dream that brings people to our shores, the dream to have your children live a better life than when the immigrant did when the person moved here, that their child could grow up and become anything they wanted to be, even President of the United States, something that Barack Obama proves.

As for Sean Hannity, I can only imagine what he had to say. It is rare for me to tune in and watch him. He is nothing more than a shock jock that spews tripe on a daily basis. And, in all honesty, he is nothing more than a McCarthyist who is out to divide and conquer, not spread a positive message of unity.

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