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January 4, 2009

Driving Cars into the Sides of Buildings

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This morning I spent some time looking for humorous antidotes to write about. Stumped, I was about to give up when I chanced upon this little gem.

Atlanta Customer Drives Car Into Metro Atlanta Restaurant

Police said an unidentified man became so angry when told in a Chili’s Restaurant he had to wait for a table that he left and drove his car into the side of the building.

According to the police report, a witness said the man walked into the restaurant and sat down. The man was told to get up and wait to be seated.

According to the report the man said, “I’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes now.”

Authorities said no one was injured and the man fled the scene before police arrived.

The report said he caused an estimated $10,000 in damages to the restaurant.

No doubt the man has anger issues and has poor taste in restaurants. Chili’s is nothing more than sit down fast food with average fare. But, it is funny that his method of retaliation is to drive his car into the side of building. It reminded of the two other events about cars ending up in buildings.

On Friday I went to pay my car insurance. Just before I reached my insurance agent’s office I chanced upon a funny scene. Directly across the street from her office I saw a car halfway through the plate glass window of a real estate office. As if that were not bad enough, a car going through a plate glass window, it is what it took for the car to get there. The driver had to drive over the curb, pass the parked cars, drive across the lawn, and finally over the bushes in order to drive through the plate glass window. From all outward appearances it appeared the driver was stone cold sober. The driver was standing next to the accident talking with the police as I drove by. The driver was not acting drunk, so I can only assume the person is a complete idiot with a driver’s license.

One New Year’s Eve morning I arrived at work to find a champagne colored four door Mercedes sedan sitting in the middle of the hair salon I was working at. Thankfully no one was injured, but how on earth the driver managed to get that car into the salon remains a mystery to me, even after 15 years. The salon was not located next to the road, it was not located anywhere in the “L” shaped strip mall that would allow the driver to pick enough speed to do that, but the driver was still able to drive the car over the cement parking rail, and over the curb into the hair salon. When the police arrived the driver told the police officer, “I take full responsibility for the accident.” As if anyone else could have done it? To exacerbate the situation the driver was a regular customer. The person never lived it down.

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