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December 21, 2008

Home for the Holidays?

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I have not been home for Christmas since 2003, so I decided to go home this year; after all it has been five years and my parents are old and I hsnow19p41ave no idea how much longer they will be with us.  Now I know traveling to Milwaukee at the end of December can be a bit of a risk, but I took it.  Today I am sorry that I made plans to go there, that maybe it would have been better to go there for Easter instead.

The entire northern tier of the country was blasted with a snowstorm on Friday and Saturday, with more to come. Milwaukee got just under a foot of snow, and they are expecting another seven inches.  Then as if that is not bad enough, they are getting a blast of arctic air, always one of my favorites.  Air that is so cold if you wanted to use the patio, porch, or garage as a secondary freezer you could.

snowwest_-nws_-porter_-41Today to get ready for this trip I bought a down jacket, since I do not need heavy winter gear in Atlanta I know my idea of a winter coat will not suffice.  I will freeze my butt off without a heavy coat.  I also bought a heavy sweater, neck scarf, and gloves, especially since I do not have the latter two, although I did not break down and buy boots for the visit, those will never a million years see the light of day after returning to Atlanta.

My brother and I spoke today about my impending visit, largely so he could find out my flight number, and when my flight is supposed to get in.  I wanted tosnowwest_-nws_-porter_-121 know how things are up there.  He says it is not as bad as it being made out to be, but this northern transplant is now a southerner, and snow scares me.  I moved nearly a thousand miles south because of weather like this and now I am paying, yes, paying, to go back to it.

snowstorm20p381They are supposed to get more snow on Christmas Eve the day I am flying home.  I am hoping that I make it and do not get stuck in some airport somewhere.

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