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December 21, 2008

Christmas Childhood Memories

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Recently I received an e-mail about all things Christmas.  In the questionnaire I was asked which gift I liked best that I was given for Christmas and myspiritofchristmas1 favorite memory of Christmas as a child.  It really did not take me long to remember what I liked best about Christmas as a child and which Christmas present I liked best.  I promptly replied to the e-mail and went about my business, then yesterday as I finished my Christmas shopping for my family I was reminded of it as I stood behind a woman in line who was buying gifts for a child. 

All of the presents were gifts or toys that I got as a child either at Christmas or for my birthday.  I did not see a single electronic gift anywhere, which is supposed to be what children are asking for.  Not having any children of my own, I would not know for a fact, but I suspect it is true, especially when I heard my sister whine about what I sent to her children.  I quit buying them gifts and started sending them gift cards.  I was not about to start buying stuff that I would have mortgage my retirement over, and stuff that I would not buy even for myself.  Every Christmas I set an amount of money that I will spend for Christmas and I adhere to it, social pressure be damned, which brings me back to my favorite Christmas memories and what I believe people will carry with them into their adulthood.

My memories of Christmas include going to my grandparent’s house in northwestern Wisconsin; my uncle would bring his family too making for a full house.  celebbakeexchange1What I always associate with Christmas is the scent of cookies baking.  I loved making sugar cookies and eating the raw cookie dough.  At grandma’s house she would have a plate of cookies waiting for us when we arrived.  On her plate were marsh mellow cookies dipped in chocolate, and covered in cocoa nut.  Those cookies were the best.  I loved those cookies, everyone did, but she was the only person to make them, so when she quit making them there were no more.  But, there were other memories, like looking out the picture window in her living room to look at the birds that would come and eat from the bird feeder there.  It was a colorful assortment of birds.  I also remember playing games with my cousins, like checkers, or battle ship, or going out snowmobiling on the back of my uncle’s snowmobile.  I remember the twelve of us sitting around the dining room table for our Christmas meal, eating our food from Depression Era Currier and Ives dishes that I now have.  After dinnerprod1610006p_aux_default1 was over my grandpa, uncle, father, and us kids would pile into the car and go for a drive around Bruce to look at the Christmas lights that everyone put up and to look to see if we could see Santa coming.  We never did, with the exception of one year.  Someone got dressed up as Santa and drove around to their relatives’ houses to deliver presents.  It was pretty cool.  Anyway, by the time we got back, magically Santa had been there and the house was full of presents.  It was the opening of presents that I remember more than anything else, the sharing of the moment, but I do remember the Raggedy Ann doll that I loved, and getting the Laura Ingles Wilder “Little House” series.  I do not remember the expensive gifts, if I got any, but I remember the sharing the season more than anything else.  I suspect that children today will have the same kinds of memories.

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