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December 14, 2008

Obama Selects His Tuxedo for the Inaugural Ball

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I have a confession to make, I like clothes. I like them a lot. There are two small walk in closets in my apartment that I have filled with blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, dresses, blazers, suits, shoes, and clothes that no longer fit me. Yes, I keep the ones that no longer fit, because you never know I may be able to get into them again one day. However, most of my clothes are functional since I do not go to fancy events on a regular basis, or even on an irregular basis, making buying splashy clothes a nonessential. Therefore, I like watching the clothes worn for special events by the ultra wealthy, the famous, and the powerful, like at the Oscars. The clothes are beautiful, in fact, drop dead gorgeous. I wish I had somewhere to wear to them, and I wish I had the money to buy them with, but it is highly unlikely that either will happen, so I settle for star gazing.

This year instead of just having the Oscars and the BAFTAs to watch beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes on the red carpet there is the inauguration of the president to watch. Although I am most interested in seeing Barack Obama taking the oath of office I am also interested in what the Obamas will be wearing to all of the inaugural dinners, and parties.

There has been of a to do over what Michelle Obama could be wearing to these events, there has been article after article about this, including sketches of gowns that she may be choosing from, but I have not seen one word in print, or heard one word on the air about what Barack Obama could or will be wearing that day. Personally, I find the lack of attention to this insulting to men. Men’s suits and tuxedos can be just as beautiful too; they have all of the texture, movement, and color that make fine clothes desirable too. Ok, so men do not have plunging necklines, or plunging backs; they do not have lace, or chiffon on their suits and tuxedos, and they do not have pearls, diamonds, or flowers, intricately sewn into them either, but they have class, they have style, and when a man wears a dress suit or tuxedo often times he knows he looks good and it shows. obama-suit1widec1

So after much to do over Michelle Obama’s impending gown, Barack Obama’s tuxedo made an inconspicuous appearance on the fashion pages and here it is. The president-elect will be wearing a custom black tuxedo by HSM, a suburban Des Plaines, Ill., union shop. Cost? $895 at Nordstrom department stores.

It is beautiful, eloquent, and handsome. My only problem with it is the cost, it is far less expensive than any gown a woman will ever spend for an event like the inaugural ball.

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