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December 13, 2008

Earth Enjoys Full Moon Up Close

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_44441424_geraint_smith220As I left work tonight, which is normally later than most everyone else, as I exited the driveway from the office building where I work I noticed the moon. It was especially bright, white, round, and much larger than I ever remember it being. The moon lighted my way as I drove the ten miles back to my apartment. I found it to be rather beautiful to look at and oddly larger than normal. I learned why the moon is so much different tonight.

A full moon has occurred closer to the Earth than it has at any time for the past 15 years.

The Moon’s elliptical orbit means its distance to Earth is not constant.

It was a little over 350,000km (217,480 miles) away as it passed over the northern hemisphere, about 30,000km (18,641 miles) closer than usual.  Astronomers said the moon would appear larger than usual.


Thankfully Atlanta is enjoying a cloudless night, making viewing for this infrequent event possible and enjoyable.

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