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December 13, 2008


I do not remember when it first started happening, but I started getting hits from some unknown source. I was puzzled about it, so I checked the link out from my dashboard; it was Alphainventions.com. It was pretty weird my first time checking it out. I kept going from one blog to another for no apparent reason. It took a couple of visits to figure out what Alphainventions is about; it is a way for people to view other people’s blogs in a snapshot moment where you can choose to read their blogs or blog entry, which I thought was pretty cool. There are a lot of interesting blogs out there about a lot of different topics that I otherwise would not have found. When I first started “going for rides” on Alphainvetions I saw many blogs, among them mine, but in the short time that has followed the number of blogs has increased, making it even more interesting.

At the time I first saw Alphainventions it was the United States presidential campaign and my blog was quite active, but Alphainventions made it even more active. Alphainventions has driven a lot of traffic to my blog and is my number one referrer. Today I have gotten over 5,000 hits from Alphainventions, which makes me wonder, like the first time I saw it; how long will it be before Alphainventions becomes just like YouTube, and how long will it be before the creator of Alphainventions gets the same offer the creators of YouTube got?


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  1. I just noticed the same thing happening to my blog. It puzzled me at first but I’m not complaining!

    Comment by tjones871 — December 14, 2008 @ 5:39 am

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