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November 29, 2008

Home for the Holidays

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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2007 was to go home for Christmas, since I rarely do that. It seems that every time I go home for Christmas it is always bitter cold. It is like the universe knows I am going to Milwaukee, so that would be the perfect time to have arctic weather. There was only one time I was in Milwaukee when it was not cold at Christmas; it was a fluke. However, in 2007 circumstances prevented me from going back to Milwaukee, which worked out well for me. On the day that I planned on flying home there was a snow storm in Milwaukee. I doubt that I would have made it there, or the flight would have been an absolute nightmare. I loathe winter in Milwaukee; it is not that it is cold because the city is in a northern state; it is because it is located next to Lake Michigan, which makes the city like living in an arctic wind tunnel, which is the part I do not like. However, the years are passing by, more than I care to admit. In November my father turned 77, which is a mile stone on the paternal side of the family. Longevity does not run on that side of the family. My grandfather and uncle, my father’s older brother by ten years, were both dead by the age of 55; my grandmother lived until the age of 78. I have no idea how long other people lived to on that side of the family. They either stayed behind in Poland, or did come over, but because of a family feud in the 1930’s I never got to know them. My mother is no longer a spring chick; she is 71, but at least longevity runs on my maternal side of the family. In either case, I do not know how much longer either of them will be around, so a visit seems appropriate.

The years have flown by since I moved away in 1986. My young nephew is no longer young; he is a grown man with a wife and toddler. My other nieces and nephew have graduated from high school and now are in college. My brother turned 50 last April too. When he went to Hawaii with his wife and daughter he sent me pictures of them. I looked at the pictures, especially of my brother and wondered, when did it happen, when did we start getting so old? Then there is my sister. I wonder what she and her husband look like with the passage of time.

I know family drives me nuts, I think it is their job, but it is time to go home. I think it will give me an appreciation for my roots and my relocation to Atlanta.



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