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November 8, 2008

The Knives Are Out

The Republican Party lost the 2008 Election, not just the McCain Palin ticket. The Republican Party also lost more seats in both Houses to add to their losses suffered in the mid-term election of 2006. The Democratic Party may not have a filibuster proof representation in either House, but the Republican Party has greatly diminished role in both Houses. They are now a Party out of power and without a uniting philosophy.

The losses suffered in the 2008 election cycle by the Republicans have the Party looking for someone, anyone, to blame, so they are picking Sarah Palin for this. Although I did not like Sarah Palin as I found her to be too extreme, too unqualified, and too much of a liar, I do not put all of the blame squarely on her shoulders. To me, in the final days of the campaign, she turned out to be a drag on the ticket for one reason, she appealed to their base and their base only. That was and is the problem with what has become of the Republican Party in the 21st Century, Sarah Palin is a symptom to of a much larger problem; the Republican Party has become a Party for only one school of thought, the far right agenda.

The problem that I see with the Republican Party as of late is that they suffer from jingoism, and megalomania. They had become a Party that needs scapegoats in order to propel their agenda. They seemed to favor referring to anyone who did not follow their neocon philosophy as unpatriotic, a traitor, and a sympathizer of the “radical” Muslim terrorists out there who were determined to destroy “our way of life”. Toward the end of the campaign they publically added socialist and Marxist to their mantra, while only offering innuendo and flimsy evidence to support their claims. It was not just the McCain Campaign that was doing this it was their puppeteers as well: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Ann Coulter contributed as well. They peddled a message of exclusion, not inclusion, which drove people away from them, not drawing them in, which is what the Republican Party needed to do to win the 2008 elections. However, their negative campaigning, their McCarthyist message, a message that only appealed to the far right of the Party, was heard loud and clear by the rest of America, so they lost and they lost big time.

So here we are in the recent post election days of a failed bid for the White House and both Houses, and they need a scapegoat, so they chose Sarah Palin; a woman they claim they vetted, a woman that was sold as qualified, fit to be Vice President and, in turn, fit to be President of the United States. What the Republican Party is doing is further exposing themselves as a Party not to be trusted and that they are what many of us believe to be, McCarthyists, not the Party of Abraham Lincoln, or Ronald Reagan. Until they are willing and able to do self introspection and reframe themselves as a Party of note, they continue to flounder in the wilderness, by their own choosing.


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  1. Lets Give Our New President Elect a Chance.

    Most people who voted for Obama had no idea who he was or what he was. I guess the media did a good job selling him. McCain, although he is a good man, wasn’t picked by republicans to run. He was picked by Democrat crossover voters in states who allow non party members to vote under any ticket they want. After they did that they went back to their Democrat home. McCain is no conservative. He doesn’t seem to realize that when a republican walks across the aisle to work with Democrats they break your leg. If you reach across the aisle they break your arm. Their idea of bi-partisanship is simple. You give up your principals and do what we want. Coming together to them means that you compromise your ideas and accept theirs.

    The biggest danger, even if Republicans regain control of congress in two years, will be all the judicial appointments that will be made in that time. I only hope that they will be unable to stack the supreme court with liberal appointments. FDR had 20 years to stack the court and it took a lifetime to turn it around.

    Of course we must not be too cruel to our new president. We should not call him a liar.

    We should not call him a liar when he said he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry.

    We should not call him a liar when he said utility bills would skyrocket because of the coal industry being regulated and taxed to death.

    We should not call him a liar when he said he wanted to redistribute the wealth.

    We should not call him a liar when he said he wanted to replace the military with a civillian force.

    We should not call him a liar when he said he wanted to meet with Iran without preconditions.

    We should not call him a liar when he said he wanted to invade Pakistan.

    We should not call Biden a liar when he said that supreme court appointments should be made based more on the nominees philosophical views than on their judicial temperment. Can you say litmus test?

    Hold onto your money belt we are in for a five ticket ride.

    I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

    Comment by tommy49646 — November 8, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

  2. And thank you for proving my point. Jingoism, megalomania, and McCarthyism reign supreme in the Republican Party.

    Comment by Julie P — November 8, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

  3. “He said he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry.”

    Complete fabrication.

    “Utility bills would skyrocket because of the coal industry being regulated and taxed to death.”

    That would be nothing like what Palin has done with the energy industry in Alaska where she has a tax for the oil industry, so she can give “rebates” to Alaskans. That is socialism and Alaska has the highest gas and energy prices in the nation.

    “When he said he wanted to redistribute the wealth.”

    Taken completely out of context.

    “He said he wanted to meet with Iran without preconditions.”

    Something that Bush wants to enter into, bilateral talks with Iran.

    “He said he wanted to invade Pakistan.”

    If there is actionable intelligence that bid Laden is there.

    “Supreme court appointments”

    There are three possible retirees from the Supreme Court, all of them assumed liberal Justices, so to replace them with other liberal Justices would keep the Court balanced. Furthermore, whoever is president chooses appointments that reflect their political view points, all presidents have done that.

    Comment by Julie P — November 8, 2008 @ 3:44 pm

  4. Good article Julie! You hit many of the reasons why I can no longer support the GOP. I would also add ‘down with smart people’ anti-intellectualism. Anyone who didn’t graduate at the bottom of their class is suspect of subversion.

    I would like to believe the RNC would do some critical self-introspection, as you mentioned. However, it appears they are already retrenching even further into a psychosis of hate and fear mongering. It’s sad.

    Democracy requires an active and intense discourse of ideas. I certainly do not agree with many aspects of the DNC platform. However, voters may continue to marginalize the GOP for rabid attitudes, like only Republicans are patriotic Americans. Yet, I’m mindful of Winston Churchill’s observation, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”

    Notwithstanding, I also firmly believe another famous Churchill quote, “It has been said democracy is the worst form of government, except all others that have been tried.”

    Comment by Baily — November 8, 2008 @ 11:16 pm

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