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November 7, 2008

History Unfolds

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It is over the longest, dirtiest presidential campaign in American history. Barack Obama won and by a landslide to become America’s first black president. And I do write that Obama is the first black president, because in America even though he is of mixed race he is still considered black and no amount tongue clicking will change that.

Now that the confetti has been swept up, the hangovers gone, and two days have passed has the jubilation subsided? That depends on who you are. The world celebrated when Obama won, they celebrated as much as many Americans did. Obama was declared “the World’s President”. Many of the Obama supporters I know, myself included, proclaimed that is redemption. While others are not so enthusiastic of an Obama win and presidency, some will adapt, others will begrudgingly accept Obama, while some will never be happy with an Obama presidency.

Barack Obama follows George W. Bush, a man who is currently considered incompetent, the way he handled both domestic and internal policies, and is leaving Office with a 27 percent approval rating. George W. Bush is currently a lame duck president who is delivering a nation in an economic meltdown, at war in two countries, a floundering health care system, illegal immigration problems, a dire need for energy independence, and a nation that is as divided as ever. At this point anything Barack Obama does makes him the de facto president.

America has been in more dire straits in the past, at first we were a nation with no history, an experiment in democracy with an uncertain future, even our Founding Fathers were worried that this new nation would not last, yet we did. At another time in our history our nation went to with itself, yet prevailed. Still at another point in history our nation’s economy did meltdown and our nation fought a world war with its allies against the most evil government to ever exist. Yet after each one of these crisis points in our history we not only prevailed, and overcame great obstacles, we came out better, stronger, and we thrived. At each point at the junctures in our history the right leaders were there to lead, to guide, and to see us through to a better America.

Barack Obama is one of those kinds of leaders. He has an inner light, an inner quality that few possess he said it at the 2004 Democratic Convention and it is still as true today.

“Hope in the face of difficulty, hope in the face of uncertainty, the audacity of hope: In the end, that is God’s greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation, a belief in things not seen, a belief that there are better days ahead.”

“We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.”


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  1. Spreading democracy in the world is a good idea and it must be encouraged. But what Bush did ‘in that direction’ is unacceptable. One historian was saying that he will be admired once Iraq becomes a vibrant democracy which is absolutely incorrect.
    First of all, he invaded Iraq not to spread democracy but was dancing according to his father, Bush Senior’s tune. He had been trying for long to find out a reason to invade Iraq. First he told the world that Iraq amassed weapons of mass destruction which was later proved wrong. Then he found Saddam Hussein guilty of oppression. Though it was true, Saddam was not the only one in this world who oppressed the masses and there are many leaders across the world especially in the Middle East with whom Bush had friendly relations. Moreover, being just a leader of one nation, it was never Bush’s business to spread democracy because that itself is not a democratic way of doing things but a classic example of imperialism. If he were genuine in his vision of spreading democracy, he would have done that by taking the world as a whole into confidence and for that the best way was to make the UN a more democratic body and allowing the UN to take steps in that direction.
    Later he admitted his mistake by putting all the blame on a false intelligence report! I repeat, even if that intelligence report was true and Iraq had amassed weapons of mass destruction, he had no right to invade a sovereign nation which culminated in killing thousands of innocent Iraqis and American soldiers and creating havoc in that country.
    In order to escape from the wrath, he then linked the 9/11 tragedy with Saddam Hussein. The naked truth is that even now, the US and Bush don’t know who had masterminded the 9/11 attack. Finally, Saddam was hanged leveling a crime against him that had taken place a couple of decades ago! Now historian says that Bush will be admired in future. It is absurd. In fact, he was/is an incompetent and ignorant president who doesn’t even know how to speak a couple of meaningful sentences without fumble.
    Now for the change that the President-elect Barack Obama says to place, he should do the following things:
    1. First of all, he should take steps to prosecute Bush so as to make him answerable to all his crimes by misusing his power during his sojourn in the white house. The first question Bush should answer is, “Who gave Bush the permission to invade a sovereign nation based on a false intelligence report?” Even if the report was genuine and Iraq truly had weapons of mass destructions, he, being just a leader of one nation, had no right to do that. Then he should be made accountable for killing thousands of innocent Iraqis, American soldiers and many others and creating fear across the world. It should be made clear to him as well as everyone across the world that no one in this world is superior or inferior to any other person.
    2. He should take initiatives to persuade the people not just in America but all over the world to look beyond religions which will help people unite through integration. Without that, even if he brings changes, that change will not be sufficient enough to make this world a better place to live in.
    3. Steps should be taken not to center smile on a few faces but to bring that on all faces. If what I am saying is socialism, it is what is needed.
    4. People across the world should be persuaded to distance themselves away from the luxurious lifestyle they embraced now and to prefer a normal life so as to leave this planet at least as it is now which will ultimately help surviving the generations to come. Let the coming generations then praise us for our far-sighted visions.

    Comment by Sebastian Thomas, New Delhi, India — November 7, 2008 @ 4:44 am

  2. As always, Julie, insightful, succinct, and thought-provoking. Keep it up:)

    Comment by ReyMac — November 7, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

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