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November 1, 2008

October Surprise?

With the General Election just days away could there still be an October surprise? Anything is possible, but does it make it probable? Listen, there are only 72 hours remaining in the election of 2008 and unless something extreme happens like in 2004, it looks like an Obama win is impending.

Osama has not released an audiotape, much less a videotape, in a very long time, even his lieutenants have not. I agree and felt that the release of the Osama tape in 2004 did throw the election, and if the tape was to scare Americans into thinking Osama would attack again if Bush won, it backfired. It had an equally opposite reaction. It kept Bush in Office.

It is the homestretch of election 2008 and Americans have grown savvy of events that are designed to throw elections. We are not going to be fooled again. Come Wednesday morning it looks as though Obama will be referred to as president elect.


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  1. Nice Try for McCain and Morning Joe of MSNBC trying to spin Obama’s “Vindication comment”. Soooo, they are so myopic that they cannot see the word “vindication” here means that Obama say the American people wanted “change” from the way things have been going in the USA. So, he was proven correct that “We in fact do want better leadership and people with courage and ideas that will work in the 21st century, not back in the “middle ages”.

    Comment by Arapikos — November 2, 2008 @ 12:42 pm

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