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October 21, 2008

Early Voter Turn Out

Officials in early voting states are reporting record turnout with Election Day still two weeks away.

McDonald said early voting is often a good prediction of the level of turnout on Election Day, and heavy early voting indicates the turnout this year will exceed the 60 percent turnout in the 2004 election.

“We have a very good chance of beating the 64 percent turnout in the 1960 election,” McDonald said. “We really could be looking at a historic election in modern American history.”

McDonald pointed to the record number of early votes already cast in Georgia as an example of the high interest in the race.

Voters in Cobb County stood outdoors in line for two hours to cast ballots Tuesday. Lines for early balloting were long all over metro-Atlanta Tuesday as the volume of voters in the upcoming presidential election continued to rise. On Monday alone, 66,159 people voted early in Georgia. That’s more than double last Monday’s figure. About 13 percent of registered voters — or 757,666 people — have cast ballots in Georgia so far.

If that was not bad enough for Republicans this year in Georgia the DeKalb County Republican Party chairman, a long-time John McCain backer, said this week that the Republican’s campaign has left Georgia to chance.

Two weeks out and here’s the state of the race in Georgia: McCain enjoys a lead ranging from a high of 6 percentage points to a low of 2, according to the past week’s worth of polls. Both campaigns are focused on the ground game, as early voting continues until next Friday. Turnout so far has been heavy, with a disproportionate number of votes from African-Americans, who tend to vote Democrat. One poll showed Obama with a double-digit lead among early voters.

The old adage about voting is that light voter turn outs always favors conservatives, in the United States that means the Republicans. The adage goes on that high voter turn outs always favors liberals, in the United States that means the Democrats. So far it is estimated that 2.2 million people have already voted and there are reports where lines for early voters has been as long as 2.5 hours.

So far, it looks like 2008 will be a banner election season for Democrats and a shaming for Republicans.

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  1. Hello Voting America,

    Here are a few tips to make sure your vote counts!

    Please have ID…yes THAT MEANS YOU! One reason get turn away from voting is that they don’t have identification. Here is a list of type of identification you should use.
    A. Driver’s License (Best Choice)
    B. Passport (Great Choice)
    C. State/Government Issue ID (Military,County, State, Municipal)
    D. State Funded Public School ID (Georgia State, Community College)
    E. Voter ID (this is free!)
    F. Non Driver’s License


    When voting electronically, BRING A No. 2 Pencil with eraser top. Why?
    A. Use the pencil to make your candidate choice
    B. Don’t Wear Jewelry (rings, bracelets)
    C. Don’t advance your screen UNTIL prompted
    D. Cut your fingernails to nubs

    Many people have big fingers or long fingernails which causes the person to “miss” their candidate vote….This is called a VOTER ERROR…

    Sometimes the person ring (especially if you use your knuckles) can cause the VOTER ERROR….

    By using a No. 2 Pencil with eraser top…you can choose your candidate by hitting the correct person. Make sure it lights up!

    Don’t keep hitting the NEXT button until prompted. WAIT for the machine to state (the hourglass prompt) to hit the button


    Sometimes “Voter Error” comes from having:

    Long fingernails
    jewelry (ring)
    YOU BLIND as hell because of the slant of the screen.
    I am a poll worker here in GA and this happened 4 times last week. We keep no. 2 pencils and this quickly “erase” (no pun intended) the problem.


    Comment by paul — October 22, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

  2. October 22, 2008

    Dear CNN:

    An approximately 5 AM PST, you had some expert in New Jersey declares that the voting machines were exceedingly easy to break into and subsequently tamper with the machine. Both the memory card can be changed and if you open the machine, you can change part of the software by changing a small pin driven component. This was known for many years prior to the institution of these machines and yet many states chose to use these machines despite the fact that they are not reliable nor do they print an appropriate paper trail so that the voter may know how she or he has voted. Tell me something, I happen to be in medicine, I’ve been a physician for 34 years, and we give vaccine in order to prevent things that are known that her going to kill you or harm you permanently. If we knew of the problem before it was going to happen, would it not behoove us to not use the machines that are so easily open to tamper or changing the software? This is known as being pro-active. Have the secretaries of state or whoever allowed these voting machines to be instituted ever think of these things?

    Comment by Eugene — October 22, 2008 @ 2:04 pm

  3. CNN,

    I wanted to report that Ballot Boxes have been overflowing in Seattle, WA which is very concerning to me. Someone could reach into the opening and remove ballots because of the overflow.

    I’ve called to urge a closer watch over the boxes, but I also ask your help in encouraging better controls and oversight.

    Comment by Jay — October 22, 2008 @ 2:56 pm

    Obama supporters act as if the polls are a true reflection of what’s going to happen on November 4th. Obama has consistently tried to win each of his elections prior to a single vote being cast, by eliminating his opponenets on technicalities, or having the DNC dump Hillary, or by giving the false impression that he already won, before the election has even taken place. When you don’t have an actual record to run on … and all you can do is point out problems, and blame others, as Obama has, you have to rely on gimmicks that have nothing to do with your actual ability to lead … like accusations of racism ad nauseam … like early voting …busing and indoctrinating homeless people on the way to the polls … photo ops with big crowds … spending 4 to 1 on advertising … having the media in the tank … having Hollywood in the tank, having Acorn in the tank … and, having 98% of all black voters in the tank. But, all of these things are nothing more than a fabricated perception. They have nothing to do with a person’s experience, or ability to lead. They just reveal a candidate who will say, or do anything to get elected. That’s why the Obamabots are so worried. That’s why Obama is telling his disciples not to get over confident. That’s why the Obama campaign tries real hard to make it look like Obama has already won … just like they did in the run against Hillary in the primaries. I happen to believe there are legions of people who are going to vote for McCain on November 4th … unlike the ‘in your face’ Obama supporters, November 4th is when the McCain supporters will express themselves. A vote for Obama is a vote for voter fraud, corrupt media, and a road to socialism. Keep America safe and strong, elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

    Comment by Howard — October 22, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

  5. I find it sad that people would rather focus on partisan BS than the encouraging information that it is possible more people will be involved in this election than *any* in the history of this country.

    To me, this should be considered a huge win for *both* McCain and Obama, because it is *their* run for the Presidency that has generated such interest. No matter which man ultimately gets the Presidency, it is the entire country that wins. If we had such interest in all elections people would most certainly be more informed about issues and how the government operates – and that can never be a bad thing…

    Comment by Dean — October 23, 2008 @ 6:28 am

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