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October 17, 2008

Europe Mocks Palin

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At first Europe liked Palin. She was received warmly, like she was in the United States. Columnists wrote things like:

“Columnists were approving that here, for once, was a politician in the higher reaches who probably actually knew the price of a loaf and a pint of milk. Women writers in particular responded warmly to her joke about the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom –“Lipstick.””

But as time went by and the honeymoon ended and glitz wore off Europe began to see Palin in a different light.

“We were, the Irish Times warned, “just a heartbeat away from the biggest half-baked Alaskan nightmare.” Britain’s Financial Times said his selection of vice president raised serious questions about John McCain’s judgment and added: “The Palin appointment is yet more proof of the way that abortion still dominates American politics.””

It is not that any presidential or vice presidential candidate needs the approval of Europe to run for the two highest positions in the United States, but it does help from the perspective that Europe is our biggest ally along with our largest trading partner. Many deals both economically and politically are brokered between the United States and Europe, so having a candidate that is at least liked by Europeans is a big plus in this global world. However, Palin exposed herself to both the United States and Europe as backward and unfit for the position of vice president.

Palin was a risky choice for McCain to make as his running mate, even though she may have appealed to the right wing of the Republican base, that is the only place she has had any appeal.


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