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October 16, 2008

End in Sight?

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The long presidential campaign is nearing its end, which will end with one of the two  candidates either in the Oval Office and the other heading back to the US Senate. At this moment in time it appears as though the person heading back to the senate is going to be John McCain, with Barack Obama getting the coveted seat in the Oval Office. However, I would like to point out that October is not over and there are 19 days left to the general election. There is still time for an October Surprise, what it could be is anyone’s guess.

But with less than three weeks to go, CNN’s latest poll of polls shows McCain trailing Obama by 8 points nationwide — a mid-October deficit that only one presidential hopeful has overcome to win the White House in the last 50 years.”

There have been very few to overcome such a deficit this close to an election. John McCain is trailing significantly in the national polls and the Electoral College. McCain is even fighting to hold on to traditional red states and is behind in others. Last night’s debate may have been McCain’s last stand. It will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks ahead as the election reaches is dramatic conclusion, but for right now it looks as though in a few short weeks on the morning of November fifth the world will be referring to Barack Obama as president elect.

The Polls

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  1. We can’t compare the Reagan-Carter 1980 election to this one. Carter was in office. Obama and McCain are not fighting to hold onto the White House, that are fighting to get into it. The 8-point lead will stick, I say.

    Comment by Donna Jordan — October 17, 2008 @ 1:29 am

  2. McCain’s dilemma shows why Presidential campaigns are such fascinating insights into the behavior of people and the genius of the common man/woman. If it was all about the length of your record, John would be ahead by a landslide — Notwithstanding that Obama’s pick of a VP and his cadre of economic advisers negate much of that record.

    If it was all about likeability, Obama would not be telling supporters “don’t get too cocky”. He’s reminding voters of NH for a reason — both as an indication that he’s still fighting for their vote and takes nothing for granted as well as a rallying call to his base to sustain their efforts. Yet, popular perception obviously affects the voting booth and is, I believe, why McCain goes on Letterman — to try stave off attacks that he is an irascible and erratic septugenerian.

    Fact is, there are waves. And despite all of the RNC’s efforts to tar and feather Senator Barack, they are building castles in the sand, castles built by Rove operatives whose motive is as yet unclear and who have infiltrated McCain’s campaign. Within this tidal shift towards Obama, people are looking more than ever at how a future President behaves in the heat of the campaign trail as a proxy of how she/he would behave with respect to tough domestic/foreign issues and leaders. Obama now looks presidential, while McCain looks a tad desperate.

    McCain seems to have run into the situation that he is darned if he does and is equally so if he does not. This situation often occurs in wave theory, where fundamental events are overwhelmed by the technical pressure towards a certain point. The Senior Senator from Arizona, however, is not helping himself with a schizophrenic two-headed attack on both economics and on character. It forces him to fight a two-front war. Despite his attempt to play into popular angst of socialism by telling Joe-the-Plumber that Obama will take and share his money with others, McCain appears to have ceded economics to Obama.

    And even Mr. Rove will tell you that is no winning strategy.

    Comment by Charles Jameson — October 17, 2008 @ 2:19 am

  3. Yes – but this is a CNN poll – not a real, no-biased, non-liberal backed poll. Go look at the REAL polls -and you will see they have narrowed to a 4 point spread. Look at the Conservative polls and it is 89%+ for McCain, with a VERY angry motivated base over the blatant fraud funded by Osama.. uh… I mean Obama.

    If Obama takes office… If you thought you saw anger during the Bush error – the anger with that idiot in the office will begin before he even gets in the office, and his legacy will be a “stealing the election” – with documented PROVEN fraud across NUMEROUS States that has already been caught, but won’t be corrected. And with that Shadow – all else will pale. The man is repulsive, and his wife is worse.

    My son is a Marine, active duty in Afghanistan – and that big-eared, big mouthed idiot could not do anything when he finally goes over (after ignoring them for over 900 days) but play ghetto basketball and shovel food in his mouth. He wouldn’t even go see the wounded since the cameras couldn’t follow him in. I HATE him for that alone – and will NEVER accept him as a president of this country. He is not fit to shine my son’s shoes – much less expect me to trust my son’s life in his hands. Pathetic miserable fool is all he is, but a great snake-oil salesman.

    Well – I moved my money out of the US, and it stays out until I know that monkey faced, corrupt socialist is not put in the office. He will not use my money to share the wealth. No Way, No How, No Obamanation.

    Comment by Cathy — October 17, 2008 @ 3:17 am

  4. Cathy, had you clicked on the link that I provided for the polls you would have seen the polls that were provided. Other polls, including FOX polls show McCain behind and behind badly. Sorry, Cathy, I hate to burst your bubble, but McCain is losing and losing badly. By they way, if you want repulsive, just look at Palin and McCain they inflame hatred, which your comment proves. Speaking of stolen elections, remember 2000?

    Comment by Julie P — October 17, 2008 @ 7:40 am

  5. No one is looking inside the polling data. What’s not reported about the polls is that McCain is ahead among Independent voters 45 to 43 percent. Obama is way ahead among Democrats (not surprising) and McCain is way ahead among Republicans (also, not surprising). What’s also not reported is the party breakdown among the respondents. In Newsweek’s poll, 40 percent were Democrats, 27 percent were Republicans, and 30 percent were Independents. So the proportions are off in such a way that would naturally favor Obama. Election day may be a big surprise for Obama fans and it will bring out the real numbers without media bias and show McCain the true winner.

    Comment by Dan — October 17, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

  6. Dan, some of us are and some of us have looked at the very things you are talking about in great detail. McCain is still behind. Enjoy an Obama presidency.

    Comment by Julie P — October 17, 2008 @ 2:31 pm

  7. John McCain may not have an October surprise, the FBI may be doing that for him. It looks as if you will see more and more about ACORN in the next few weeks and Obama’s links to them. Organizers for ACORN when ask by reporters, said that Sen. Barack Obama, as a local elected official in Chicago, participated in two training sessions for 50 ACORN volunteers. Didn’t Obama just say in Wednesday’s debate that his only involvement with ACORN was that he represented them, along with other plaintiffs, regarding motor voter issues? It makes me wonder why he failed to mention this wednesday night. Could it be it just slipped his mind? I doubt it.

    Comment by Dan — October 17, 2008 @ 2:52 pm

  8. Obama is ahead in the polls, but are the polls
    a realistic reflection of what will actually happen
    in the voting booth? Obama is outspending McCain
    3 to one … He has 90% of the media in his pocket
    … he has 98% of the black vote … he has voter fraud
    on his side, with groups like Acorn … and yet the
    election is still close. So far, all the conclusions by all the
    pundits are totally based upon POLLS. Not a single actual vote
    has been cast yet. Obama supporters gush at how
    well their man has done in the debates, which proves
    once again that Obama is a good debater and a good
    speaker. It doesn’t say anything about his character,
    judgement, or what kind of a leader he would be.
    I still would rather trust a man who would not sell out
    his fellow prisoners, even during 5 years of torture,
    than to trust a man who betrayed a 20 year friendship,
    for personal ambition. And … regarding this election,
    until people actually vote … it ain’t over till it’s over!

    Comment by Howard — October 17, 2008 @ 10:39 pm

  9. Cathy: I’m hoping it is because you wrote your entry at 3am, but SHAME ON YOU for your bigotry. I mean, “ghetto basketball”, (which was invented in lilly-white NH)? “monkey face”?? seriously?!?! why didn’t you just put on your pointy white cap and gown and go for the comments on fried chicken, collard greens and bling bling jewelry? it’s clear you’re not ready for obama, not because of his experience levels or ideology, but his skin color. you’re not even smart enough to be able to hide your bigotry. so what if obama didn’t go to iraq until recently? that carries as much weight as saying mccain getting shot down over vietnam qualifies him to be president. vote for whomever you want – that’s your democratic right. i just hope you’d do it for the right reason, and not mix up your bigotry with the real issues.

    If your primary concern is your son serving in Iraq, maybe you’ll reconsider what appears to be your vote for someone who wants your son to remain there for up to 100 years, and has no real way to finance this middle eastern vacation, let alone the body armor. mccain is a warmonger who can’t get past being caged in Vietnam, and wants to release his aggressions in the middle east. Fine – so when will he define the term “victory” that he so longs for? We’ve already lost 5000 soldiers. Is it when we hit 10000? It isn’t about bin laden, because capturing him doesn’t solve anything. he’s symbolic. Do you want your son to even chance being part of the statistic?

    get over it, cathy. by 2035, caucasians are going to be a minority in this country. stop acting like your forefathers were the native americans, and not the euros who raped, pillaged and plundered people of every other skin color through the course of history to steal what they wanted from everyone. honey, it’s time to move past your filtered 7th grade history books. it’s time for a new tomorrow with a president who actually behaves presidential, and is actually smart, calm and collected under pressure. how can you not be exhausted from having a laughingstock president who makes the whole country come across the same way?

    Comment by bilbo baggins — October 18, 2008 @ 3:37 am

  10. Critical thinking is a very scarce resource! The charges against ACORN have nothing to do with voter fraud. It has everything to do with voter *registration* fraud. There is a huge… dare I say *gigantic*… difference. I don’t expect emotionally driven partisans to recognize this, however.

    Just a brief explanation – if Mickey Mouse is registered, he still cannot vote until he shows up at the voting location with valid identification. Even Republican officials have ceded that the problem is that lazy workers are ripping off ACORN (they are paid $8/hr to register people), not creating voter fraud.

    Sheesh people – read, comprehend and *think*. To those conservative Christians: God gave you a brain, now use it.

    Comment by Dean — October 18, 2008 @ 4:50 am

  11. I guess we will see on election day, We have the choice to vote for McCain as president of the USA, or we can vote for Obama for president of the USSA.

    Comment by Dan — October 20, 2008 @ 2:12 pm

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