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October 5, 2008

The Desperation of Palin and the Republican Party

It is apparent that Sarah Palin and her cronies believe that she is above the law and will stop at almost nothing into the investigation about troopergate.

Her addition to the McCain ticket was a calculated risk. She is a relative unknown on the national scene, so people are curious about her and want to learn about her past and present. For the Republicans it was an unwise move to add a person to their presidential ticket who is currently under investigation for abuse of power, with an outcome that is expected to come right before the election. As a consequence of a rush to judgment in an attempt to get the “evangelical vote” and the “women’s vote” they put a person on the ticket who can easily sink it, not only with her lack of knowledge about anything beyond her small world, but someone who could be exposed for abusing of power that would culminate right before the November General Election, also known as an October Surprise. As a consequence at their desperation at remaining in power in the Oval Office they will make wild claims about anything concerning this unqualified candidate, from hysterical claims of sexism to an “unconstitutional” investigation.

It has become glaring obvious that the Republican Party has become desperate as they sink in the polls. Let the investigation, an investigation that Sarah Palin once welcomed with open arms, continue. It will determine guilt or innocence, her political ambition aside.


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