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October 31, 2008

Effigies on the Campaign Trail

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In as many days more effigies have turned up on the campaign trail. There were others to turn in the south about Obama, not to mention one of Palin in Hollywood. Today two were arrested in Kentucky today for hanging an effigy of Obama, reminders of Jim Crowe days. Also let us not forget that just days ago two neo Nazis were arrested for plotting to murder Obama.

It is my belief that the escalated negativity in this presidential campaign season had drawn the worst in some people. This is what happens when lies, vicious lies are told about the other candidate, Obama in particular, are told over and over until the people at rallies are in a mob state.


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October 30, 2008

American Stories, American Solutions

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October 29, 2008

Pathetic, Truly Pathetic Claims About Obama

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Pathetic, this is truly pathetic. Sarah Palin is truly, unequivocally beyond redemption in her effort to win the White House for the Republican ticket. If Sarah Palin was the last woman on Earth, I would demand a recount.

Listen, Sarah and John, you are behind in the polls and you are going to lose. Deal with it.  Making another unfounded claim about Obama and terrorism really shows how mentally unstable you are.


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October 28, 2008

Paris Hilton for President

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October 27, 2008

Obama’s Closing Argument

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Family Guy – McCain Palin Button

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October 26, 2008

Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

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The Pain of Endorsement

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October 25, 2008

Where the McCain Campaign Went Wrong

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Here is where the McCain first went wrong; they choose a follow the leader strategy. First it was based on experience, a tact that Hillary Clinton took against Obama and lost at; then it was a message of change an obvious attempt of theft of Obama’s message of change, but I have already discussed this in the past. But, here is where the McCain went terribly wrong, they took on Sarah Palin.

The McCain campaign readily admits she was not ready the reason why they kept her from talking with the press.

“But two sources, one Palin associate and one McCain adviser defended the decision to keep her press interaction limited after she was first picked, both saying flatly that she was not ready and missteps could have been a lot worse. They insisted she needed time to get briefed on issues on the national and international stage she was not familiar with and has never dealt with, and on McCain’s long record.”

This goes to the character John McCain in his first major decision; Palin’s vetting process was flimsy at best.

“Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was not subjected to a lengthy in-person background interview with the head of Sen. John McCain’s vice-presidential vetting team until last Wednesday in Arizona, the day before McCain asked her to be his running mate.”

“McCain did not speak face to face with Palin until Thursday morning, at his retreat in Sedona, Ariz. He talked to her by telephone the previous Sunday.” This was the week before the RNC.

As the campaign season wore on McCain became erratic in his public behavior toward the financial crisis, and engaged in such personal vicious attacks either from himself, but mostly from Sarah Palin; a move that has turned off independent voters, a group he needs to win over if he really wants to become President of the United States.

Here is the real sign that John McCain is in real trouble for not winning the White House. It is not just the national polls, or the Electoral College polls showing McCain behind with only nine days left to the General Election. It is not even the heavy early voter turnout, which always favors Democrats it is this: Sarah Palin has started positioning herself away from John McCain.

“A second McCain source tells CNN she appears to now be looking out for herself more than the McCain campaign.”

But this is the most damaging of all:

“With 10 days to go until election day, long brewing tension between Sarah Palin and key aides to John McCain has become so intense, it is spilling out into the public.”

Nasty in fighting is the tell all of a campaign on the ropes and headed for defeat.

It appears as though the three pong approach of their follow the leader strategy is costing John McCain and the Republican the presidential election, not mention both Houses. November fourth promises to be a bloody day for Republicans and they can thank John McCain and his campaign for that.


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October 22, 2008

The Truth is Out

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I have been outraged over the blatant bigotry and mob mentality coming from the McCain campaign and for good reason. It has nothing to do with the 2008 election; it has everything to do with being behind in the polls, losing ground, and not having a plan or message that resonates with Americans. It also has to do with the Republican Party overall because has become apparent that they are going to lose a lot of seats in both Houses and it scares them, so they are spewing out McCarthyist tactics. In short, they are desperate.

McCain’s campaign is no longer about issues. He and his supporters want to bring up anything and everything to derail Obama, and nothing is sticking, so they just keep returning to their old bag of tricks.

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann make one of the most audacious statements ever, suggesting that Obama holds anti-American views, that other members of Congress have the same views, and that the media should launch a widespread investigation to ferret them out.

No, seriously, she said that on MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

I saw that interview and it was horrific. This Republican is getting everything she deserves, hardball campaigning from the Democratic Party in Minnesota. McCarthyism was a horrible period in our recent past and it needs to stay there. It is a dangerous mentality that could have horrible implications for average Americans, like you and I. We do not have to tow the nationalistic patriotism that is peddled by Republicans this is a free country for everyone, not just them.

Roland Martin’s commentary went to include:

This has totally gotten out of hand, but instead of trying to castigate Obama and tar and feather him, the Republicans should look inward and look at how their actions have seriously harmed this nation.

The Republicans ran Congress for six years. The Republicans have held the White House for the last eight years. The Republicans have advanced the deregulation agenda that played a major role in creating the financial mess we are currently in.

The Republicans have led the foreign policy we have in place that has destroyed the moral authority we once held. Their president is one of the most unpopular in history, so bad that he and Vice President Dick Cheney can’t even come out of the White House to campaign on behalf of McCain because they are so reviled by Americans.

Can someone please remind these folks of this?

Every campaign says they want the election to be about the issues, but when McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis made it clear that they want it to be about character and not issues, well, we should have realized we would get to this point.

As I have blogged about in the past the day the McCain campaign took a follow the leader strategy, first Hillary’s, which was about experience, but had to abandon when John McCain put Sarah Palin on the ticket. Then McCain took the next follow the leader strategy when he stole Obama’s message of change. John McCain stole two follow the leader strategies which are known not to work: lesson number one in business school. John McCain sealed the deal of a losing candidate when he took the low road and adopted the final strategy of a loser when he took the personal attack strategy. Only someone behind takes that approach and this election year Americans, independents especially do not want to hear. We want to hear about the issues, but McCain cannot win on the issues either.

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