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September 21, 2008

A Road to Nowhere

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Governor Sarah Palin claims to be against Federal earmarks and the wasting of taxpayer money on projects, like the Bridge to Nowhere which she was for before she was against it, yet she still took the money. Hypocritical? I think so. I recall at one point hearing her say she used the money for road projects in Alaska, now we know at least one road project it was used for, a Road to Nowhere. If Palin is correct in her claim that if Alaska wanted the Bridge to Nowhere they could raise the funds for it themselves, then why could Alaska not raise the funds to build a Road to Nowhere that will be used for more recreational use than anything else?! Sarah talks out of both sides of her mouth at the same time. She is no ‘maverick’.

Remember that Sarah Palin is John McCain’s first major decision and he choose a self serving liar, which demonstrates McCain’s lack of judgment.  He is no ‘maverick’ either.

Road to Nowhere


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  1. The whole Republican party is about perpetuating an American hegemony to maintain its dominion over third world countries in this neo-colonialist era. Maximizing access to an ever decreasing limited supply of energy resources throughout the world, while providing the illusion that we are somehow unrelated, to what is comparable from historical knowledge, the Roman Empire. Unfortunately for the Republicans, most of their base has left them because many are realizing that they are clearly one-sided when it comes to their twisted version of the American Dream. America has undoubtedly become, the land of the desttitute and home of the slave. But people like Donald Trump want to vote for Mccain… go figure. So, as a result, only stupid voters will vote for Mccain/Palin, because they do not comprehend the deleterious effects that a perpetuation of this fallacious dream would do. They react on impulse and do not think these crucial moments through thoroughly and their votes tend to go to candidates who are more like them, people who they would like to have a beer with, someone they can relate to on a more basic level. If Mccain wins, I will summarily give up on this country, because it is too far gone into the realm of stupidity and degeneration. It will provide me a job as a teacher for a while, until Creationsim begins to be taught in classes, then it will not surprise me if my scientific approach will be banned from schools as a result of this degenerative affect. Until that happens, I will live here in this country. But, mark my words, the future is very, very bleak for this country.

    Comment by Daniel — September 21, 2008 @ 4:54 pm

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