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September 13, 2008

Obama is Ready for Hurricane Ike

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama spoke with Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator David Paulison Friday about the pending impact of Hurricane Ike, according to his campaign.

Paulison briefed Obama on the status of the hurricane and its potential impact on Texas, said Linda Douglass, a senior strategist for the campaign. She said Paulison told Obama the storm likely will produce “catastrophic flooding.”

– From CNN political producer Sasha Johnson

The weekend before the Republican Convention John McCain and his campaign were deadly serious about Hurricane Gustav. They were near the area where Gustav was supposed to make landfall and all over the news with their concern and how they were prepared to help. Today in Texas Hurricane Ike will make landfall in Galveston and Houston, a nerve center for the oil and gas refining industry, but not one word has been uttered from McCain or his campaign. This really goes to show that they will say and do anything to get elected, yet as a major hurricane bears down on the Gulf Coast in an area of major significance only one candidate is stepping up to the plate and that candidate is Barack Obama. Truly, deeds do make the man and the candidate.

Help the Victims of Hurricane Ike

When I wrote this blog entry the McCain was not taking donations for Hurricane Ike.


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