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September 3, 2008

Fred Thompson Understands the Constitution?

Tonight Fred Thompson predictably lambasted Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and then went on to criticize the Democratically controlled Senate and House of Representatives. In his rant about Congress he failed to mention that both Houses may have more Democrats in them than Republicans, but there are not enough Democrats to override all of George W. Bush’s vetoes, which was two thirds of the bills presented to him. This is a do nothing Congress? No, this is a Congress that has been lead by the worst president in American history. And the Republicans want another Bush presidency through his proxy, John McCain? Clearly Fred Thompson just demonstrated why the Republicans should not be allowed another four years in Office, they do not know the United States Constitution. The Congress needs a two third majority to override presidential vetoes. Congress is not two thirds Democratic, it is not anywhere near that, so getting overrides on all of Bush’s vetoes is impossible, so Fred Thompson if you want to know why Congress is so unpopular take a good look in the mirror, it is your President and the other Republicans in both Houses who are to blame for such miserable leadership. And you want another four years in Office to continue the rape and pillage of the United States? Fat chance, you do not even know your own Constitution.


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