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September 1, 2008

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate’s Teenage Daughter is Pregnant

Republican Vice Presidential candidate’s daughter is pregnant, not that it is extraordinary, but it is her 17 year old unwed, high school senior daughter; this from the party of ‘family values’ where teaching morality, and chastity, especially for young women, is paramount. Of course, it is okay because future grandmother, Sarah Palin, is thrilled at the idea of being a grandparent and that her daughter will marry the father. Whatever happened to teaching morality to their children, especially for a candidate whose secondary appeal is to the far right of the party? Is this a case of double standards? I think so, had this happened to the daughter of a liberal Democratic candidate the far right of the Republican Party would have been all over ‘those liberals’ for teaching such permissive behavior to their children. There would have been an unprecedented negative campaign against the candidate, or politician of a ‘liberal’, but not when it comes to them, then it is okay. To exacerbate this, this is the party that preaches abstinence, (aka the control of women) and has equated birth control to abortion and wants to restrict the access of birth control to women. The double standards of the Republican Party makes me ill along with their irresponsible actions toward women, especially young women by allowing them to become yet another statistic.


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