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August 31, 2008

Palin Booed on the Campaign Trail

McCain’s vice presidential nominee was booed on the campaign trail in Ohio, a swing state, while attempting to appeal to Hillary’s voters when she praised Hillary’s trail blazing bid for the White House.

No one is fooled by John “Coat Hanger” McCain by putting her on the Republican ticket. Palin is an obvious ploy that is an attempt at pandering to Hillary’s base; this is not a pro-woman move; this is a desperate attempt to get Hillary’s voters and it is not working. McCain believes Hillary’s base is stupid enough to jump party lines to vote for him just because Palin is a woman. Wrong! Palin is anti pro choice that goes against the grain of Hillary’s base and they are not fooled; no one is fooled. McCain just sealed the deal that will put Obama in the White House by putting this woman on the ticket and here is your proof: Palin is getting booed on her first campaign trail appearance.


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