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August 27, 2008

McCain the Follower, not the Leader

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The McCain Campaign is living in fantasyland when they keep beating on the drum that McCain has the experience to lead while Obama needs to lead by judgment alone. McCain may have racked up several years in the Senate, yet those years in the Senate have not prepared him to be President of the United States, just like Bush’s gubernatorial experience did not prepare him to be president.

What the McCain campaign does not recognize is the McCain is still repeating the same thing Bush has been saying and doing in the last seven and half years. That a war with no end in sight financed with foreign money is good for America when in reality it has an inverse affect. He recognizes, like Bush, that America is addicted to oil, yet provides no real solutions to ending this addiction to oil, only to drill for more oil that will take another decade to get to. It will lead McCain to act just like Bush who groveled at the feet of the Saudi’s just recently like a crack addict to its dealer to increase oil production. McCain wants to drill in the ANWAR region just like Bush for oil and, just like Bush, does not care about the environment in order to get the oil, just get it. No solution there, even with experience. McCain says the economy is in great shape, just like Bush has, yet does not recognize that many are getting thrown out of work with no industry to replace the jobs with. Meanwhile there is a housing and credit crisis going on with no solutions offered, just outrage. That solves nothing. Not only does he sound like Bush, McCain sounds like Herbert Hoover a president who did not care that millions were thrown out of work; he even repeats his mantra that it is just our imagination, or just close your eyes and the problem will magically go away. McCain the maverick who speaks his mind and says what he thinks; hardly, he is saying and doing the same thing that the previous administration has said including what a president of 80 years ago has said and done. Clearly the three of them believe a recession and depression is the sign of a good economy.

This election season McCain has proven that he is only a follower and not leader. A leader has a vision and judgment; a follower only regurgitates what others have done and then presents them as their own, which is what McCain is doing. In this light McCain’s alleged experience is meaningless as it exposes his propensity to follow the heard, belying his Maverick image and underscoring the plain and simple truth that John McCain does not possess the experience and judgment to lead. McCain is presenting the failed policies of president Bush’s as his own.


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