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August 26, 2008

Party of Substance? I Think Not

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The Republican response to the Democratic National Convention so far has been to criticize alleged Democratic rhetoric. They are claiming their party has an edge with substance, well, I dispute their claim.

For starters McCain is making the claim that he is a war hero, a claim that he has yet to prove. Sure he was held prisoner during the Vietnam War, but so were many young men who were drafted to fight in Vietnam, that does not make him special, or a war hero. It made him a prisoner with a lot prisoners remaining prisoners, so they would not have to rejoin the fight. A war hero would have been a person who saved the lives of their compatriots, or performed some other heroic act; like escaping from prison to rejoin the fight for their country. So much for being a war hero and a candidate of substance; McCain has proven he is neither.

McCain states we could be in Iraq for another 50 to 100 years; that is not substance that is idiocy. There is no nation in world history that has done that; in fact, wars with no end have brought down empires in the past most recently the Soviet Union. As much as Republicans like to take the credit for the downfall of the Soviet Union they willfully neglect that rebels in Afghanistan beat a very strong military by engaging them in fighting they could not win with billions, if not trillions in costs. This is not substance this is willful ignorance.

McCain states that the best way out of the energy crisis is to drill our way out it, yet that will accomplish nothing all it will do is give us more oil that will take us ten years to get to and use up in two to three years at our current consumption rate, even oil man Richard Pickens believes this is a bad idea. McCain cannot even listen to his own cronies on that subject; so much for substance.

McCain says the economy is in great shape, yet refuses to recognize that it is not. There are bank failures, a credit crisis, job losses that are mounting from one of the weakest economic recoveries in my memory and has turned into another recession. He is unable to recognize that people who were thrown out of work right after 9/11 are no longer cyclically unemployed, but are structurally unemployed. The jobless rate is somewhere around five percent, but when I talk with employers I hear stories about getting inundated with resumes for jobs; more than once I have listened to employers talk about receiving 800 to 1,200 for one job opening. That is not substance that is denial with likes that has not been seen since Herbert Hoover.

McCain states that the Democratic National Convention is rhetoric from the 1960’s, yet is willfully neglecting the shear idiocy of such a statement. All he is doing is continuing a circular fight over social progressiveness that occurred in the 1960’s. This is an old, tired fight for the older end of the Baby Boomer generation that provides no results, and only divides, not unites. Additionally, McCain and the Republicans fail to recognize this tired fight is seen by all who are not a part of the older end of the Boomers.  This decades old dispute can explain Obama’s popularity, especially with driving out young and younger voters to the polls; the nation’s business is not getting taken care of because of this. So much for being an alleged party of substance; it is nothing more than a party of sour grapes. No substance there either, John.

Finally, as for John McCain using Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to attack Barack Obama; let me remind you, John that you come across as a candidate who has no real argument as to why we should vote for you. Instead you come across as weak little man who has no real vision, purpose, or the ability to command the strongest nation on planet Earth. John McCain you are a petty man who lacks substance and proves this daily by providing only ad hominem attacks.



  1. Excellent piece, Julie! 😀

    Comment by Will Rhodes — August 26, 2008 @ 5:54 pm

  2. Thank you, Will.

    Comment by Julie P — August 26, 2008 @ 6:00 pm

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