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August 24, 2008

Protection for some of the Pacific Islands

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The one thing about a lame duck president is that during that period lame duck presidents have a propensity for pursuing issues that they are passionate about, or at least begin to do the right thing, but would not pursue under ordinary circumstances. My belief on this is that the lame duck president no longer needs to appease the many contributors, in particular special interest groups, who finance their campaigns and could derail their political careers if they are up for re-election and want to seek another term in office.

American Somoa

American Somoa

This is the second time in as many days that I have witnessed George W. Bush having a lucid moment concerning the environment. Could it be possible that George W. Bush actually gives a damn about the environment after all? Highly unlikely given that he and his administration are attempting to gut the Endangered Species Act; however, Bush still is having a lucid moment nonetheless on environmental issues that will have lasting effects on the Great Lakes, and now a large swath of the Pacific Ocean that includes the Samoan and Line Islands.

Line Islands

Line Islands

In a recent article posted on CNN it states that President Bush will seek formal comment from his Cabinet agencies next week on a plan that could make three of the world’s most remote and pristine island chains off-limits to commercial fishing and mineral exploration.

Parts of the Northern Mariana Islands would be covered under the plan.

The action, which could be completed before Bush leaves office, would rank as one of the largest marine conservation efforts in history.

Bush’s proposal would conserve parts of the Northern Mariana islands, the Line Islands in the central Pacific and American Samoa, environmentalists said Friday. Making them off-limits to fishing and energy development is the most stringent of the possible measures outlined.

This definitely is good news for the environment in the Pacific given that innumerable species and ecosystems yet undiscovered could live without perishing from the threats that could and have been eliminating them and others.


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