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August 23, 2008

Senator Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential Candidate

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Today Barack Obama selected his vice presidential candidate; he selected Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. As a running mate he is an excellent choice as he is the attack dog of the Democratic Party, unafraid to speak his mind and unafraid to take a strong stand, strong enough to take on the Republican attack machine. This is good because it has become plainly obvious that American voters do not vote on the issues, many may not even know what they are, or are too lazy to do the research required to understand the issues and how the issues can impact their lives either directly or indirectly; instead, American voters prefer sound bites and attacks to make their decisions on who to vote for. It is much easier to form an opinion on a label than an issue. As an example: when it comes to environmental issues it is easier to write off good governance on a bill that not only protects the environment, but saves billions in economic costs, and reduces the threat of the food supply by referring to the authors of the bill as “eco-wackos”, or to label a candidate a Marxist without really knowing what a Marxist is. However, it is just as frightening as people basing their decisions on who could be our next president because they are voting against a candidate just to keep the candidate out of office. When that is done the voter is not making an informed decision at the voting booth; instead the voter is making a rash, illogical decision about the most powerful elected position in the world, President of the United States. In the last week I was reminded of this twice, most notably today after Senator Joe Biden’s selection as the vice presidential candidate to Barack Obama. I read a comment that I have read or heard many variations of over the years that explains why Americans keep getting stuck with bad leaders: “I am voting for McCain just to keep Obama out of the white house.” This is utter stupidity and blatant ignorance to vote against a candidate and not on the issues. This is why Barack Obama needs the attack dog of the Democratic Party, to supply the ammunition of sound bites, and labels that many American voters seem only to understand.


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