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August 21, 2008

Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Next Thursday

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The Democratic Convention starts next week, at long last, and Barack Obama promises to deliver another amazing speech next Thursday night when he plans on accepting the Democratic nomination. I was reminded of that just this afternoon from one of the many e-mails that I receive from the Obama campaign. It left me wondering what could be in his speech. The speech he gave at the 2004 Democratic Convention was awe inspiring and is considered one of the greatest speeches given, yet he will not be there this time to simply inspire and unite the party, he will be there to set the party platform and rally the troops to a Democratic win for President of the United States of America; he is going to have to fire up the crowd and get the nation in his corner. He is going to have to defeat his rival John McCain and is going to have to start that night at that precise hour; there will be no second chances, this is the real deal. Then I read James Carville’s commentary on this very subject and I saw what Obama needs to talk about, what Obama must do to get Americans to vote for him.

Well, voters want to see a sense of urgency and outrage in their president: Outrage over our dependence on foreign oil; outrage over our increased cost of living, health care and education; outrage over declining incomes; outrage over an endless war and an idiotic foreign policy; and outrage over our country’s loss of prestige over the last 7½ years.

That sums up what Obama is going to have to do to win the White House, put America on the right track, and the right the wrongs of the Bush Administration so we can finally end the 21st century McCarthy era. He is going to have make us mad, mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore! John McCain does not promise to do that because he cannot; McCain is just more of the same, more of the insanity and bad governance as George W. Bush, the worst president in American history. America and the world cannot and must not have another four years of George W. Bush. What the world needs is a compassionate leader, with real vision, and real solutions for America and the world’s problems and that leader is Barack Obama.


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