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August 16, 2008

Debit Card Cloning Update

Last month I was notified by my back that my debit card had been cloned and that there was irregular activity occurring on it. I confirmed there was fraudulent activity taking place at a gas station in Fort Meyers, Florida. The amount of the first set of four fraudulent transactions was for $224. The next set if three fraudulent transactions was of $225 and the final set of three fraudulent transactions was $291, making for a grand total of $740 in fraudulent activity on my debit card. When I reported the final three fraudulent charges the fraud specialist checked the times of the transactions, meaning the time of day and the increments of time between transactions. She concluded, as did I, given the transactions were all coming from the same place, at the same time of day, and in two minute increments, the person using the cloned card was an employee of the gas station where it was being used. She immediately told me Bank of America will be getting touch with the owner of the gas station concerning this and that they will be looking at the CCTV tape at the times the fraudulent transactions took place. Once the person is identified, Bank of America will be taking legal action against the person. As I talked with her she seemed to need to stop herself from saying the person using the fraudulent card is stupid. While we were talking she informed me that the bank had declined four additional transactions since I reported the card cloned and that the times of day and increments fit the same pattern as the ten other fraudulent charges. She would not tell me how the amounts of the fraudulent transactions were for, but said she believed the person was trying to steal all of my money in my checking account. She seemed pretty angry with the person.

It is three weeks later and after three attempts at affidavits arriving at the nearest branch to my job via fax, which never did arrive, I got the paper affidavits in the mail and faxed them immediately back to the bank. I will learn in roughly two months what the outcome of Bank of America’s investigation yielded. I am hoping with prosecution of the thief.

One last thing: Bank of America within twenty four hours replaced the stolen money in my checking account on all three occasions.

To learn more about debit card cloning click here.


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