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August 12, 2008

Gutting the Endangered Species Act

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We need a new president, we need fewer Republicans in Congress and the Senate; we need leaders who can plan for the future, not only for its citizens, but of the environment, ecosystems, and species that inhabit our nation. The Trash the Earth Party lives by the philosophy of live for today and to hell with tomorrow’s consequences.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

The Bush administration is pushing for changes in the Endangered Species Act that would gut its effectiveness in protecting current endangered species, ecosystems, and the environment so that projects like mining, highways, and damns could be built quicker and at less expense. It is not limited to construction projects, but will allow for the use of pesticides that could do further damage to the environment. New proposals are expected to happen immediately, so that they may be imposed before this November’s presidential election.

Polar Bears

Polar Bears

This is an attempt by the Trash the Earth Party to endanger our species, like the bald eagle and the polar bear, in a backhanded maneuver and reduce our ability to protect all of our inhabitants and ecosystems in our nation in favor of money, their god. That is an outrage for our planet and future generations. They have no shame. These proposed changes must be stopped from this last minute crime against our nation by the Bush Administration. Nice legacy, George.


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