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August 9, 2008

Support for Working Mums Falls

Filed under: Daily Observations,politics — Julie P @ 7:46 pm

Here we go again: the evil working woman. In a survey conducted by Cambridge University about working women and mothers, support for women working outside of the home has fallen dramatically over the last decade. One possible explanation stated read:

“It is conceivable that opinions are shifting as the shine of the ‘super-mum’ syndrome wears off, and the idea of women juggling high-powered careers while also baking cookies and reading bedtime stories is increasingly seen to be unrealisable by ordinary mortals.”

I have heard the expression super-mom or various other terms used to describe women, especially those who are married with children, or even those who are not married, but have children and careers. Evidently, a woman who gets married, has children, and a career outside of the home is a super-mum; a woman trying to have it all. How pathetic and patronizing to women can this possibly be? The day I read or hear about men being questioned about the same ideal: is the quest to have a career and be a father unattainable; is the day I will not find this to be misogynist.

Women work outside of the home for a myriad of reasons, most of them based on economics. A women’s income is just as vital to the very survival of the family as the man’s, providing food, clothes, and shelter. Her income is no longer as much as secondary income like previous generations, which also goes to show that women have held down paying jobs outside of the home for a very long time and the fall of western civilization has not occurred.

If the alleged concern really is about the well being of the child, and the nurturing of the child; I would like to remind these researchers that there are two parents in the family who are as equally responsible for the upbringing and care taking in the family. I know in my family my father held up his end of the responsibility, not as much mom as would have liked, but he did a good job of it. Maybe if we had a little less of gender roles as to who is responsible for what in the family, then there would be less of this battle of the sexes and more shared responsibility of raising children.

A woman having a career, a marriage, and a family is no more the downfall of western civilization as a man having these same things.


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    Comment by Randy Nichols — August 9, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

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