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August 3, 2008

Political Hate Campaigns and McCarthyism

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In my adult life I have not been a fan of the Republican Party, I make no bones about it. What I find the most disturbing about members of that party is their susceptibility for jingoism and megalomania. Although their hysteria is evident year round, on a daily basis, it has been amplified during George W. Bush’s administration; with their hysteria amplified during a presidential election year, especially this election cycle.

During the build up to the war in Iraq I was taking a class on international terrorism, studying the strategy of international terrorists, when the time came just before the spring break the invasion of Iraq was imminent, the professor polled the class to see when we thought we would be invading Iraq during our spring break; there was a class consensus that the invasion would happen before we resumed class. I refused to participate in the poll as I was opposed to the war for many reasons, among them I believed then as I believe now, that Bush played into Osama bin Laden’s plan to destroy us from the inside by ruining us financially. I believed then as I still believe now, that we were entering into a war that would be in many ways be like Vietnam: it would divide the populous and drain us of large amounts of money and cause rampant inflation because the war could not be won against an invisible enemy. To have the war work for Bush and his neocons we would need a common enemy beyond bin Laden and we would need sympathizers. In the years that immediately followed the invasion anyone who did not support the war was instantly branded unpatriotic, a traitor, and a sympathizer of the “radical” Muslim terrorists out there who were determined to destroy “our way of life”. The era of McCarthyism began and the neocons went into action with their lies, spin, and ideologues.

The US is now in its 2008 presidential election cycle and the rabid far right is in full gear with their rhetoric. They have gone beyond the normal smear campaigns that are common for elections, especially presidential, they have fully engaged with their McCarthyism and they are doing it, first with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, since she was expected to walk away with the Democratic nomination, but did not because a young man from Illinois by the name of Barack Obama stole the show and became the presumptive Democratic nominee along with the target of 21st century McCarthyism. This candidate embodies everything the neocons hate, he is 100 percent the opposite of the neocons philosophy, and he has an unconventional background more than anyone who has ever run for the President of the United States. They hate this man and they will not stop at anything to make sure he does not win, so their hysterical McCarthyism, jingoism, and megalomania have gone into full swing.

Barack Obama has been smeared in more ways than I can mention because there are too many to list; the lies, spin, and hysterical megalomania is all over the airwaves daily either on the radio or on the news, especially by their ideologues. But, what I find disturbing is the complicity of the brainwashed legions that have fallen victim to their insidious McCarthyism. On a daily basis I receive hate–e-mails about presidential candidate Barack Obama that are obviously wrong and are obvious tools of the McCarthyists who will stop at nothing to ensure their power grip continues, so they can continue to rob Americans of their right to live in a free society and continue their jingoism and megalomania that reigns supreme in their ranks. The complicity of the McCarthyist legions comes from their use of the blatantly misleading, and obvious tool of disinformation of e-mail. I have been the recipient of many the hysterical, and blatant lies about Barack Obama, so many that I am breaking my silence about them. When I received the hate-e-mail about Obama entitled “In His Own Words” I knew instinctively that the McCarthyists had manipulated passages from Obama’s two books: Dreams of My Father and The Audacity of Hope in a feeble attempt to lend credibility to their smear campaign. It was not much longer after I received the previous e-mail that I got another hate-e-mail entitled “Barack Obama in Afghanistan that was an alleged letter from an American soldier fighting in Afghanistan. It was the most recent e-mail that I received entitled “Walking Eagle” that made me break my silence; this hate-email is a recycled slur from the 2004 John Kerry presidential bid and has been used against Hillary Clinton in her recent bid. In order for McCarthyism to work popular support was needed, which it was. This hate-e-mail campaign tactic could have used in Nazi Germany by Joseph Goebbels in the Nazi propaganda campaign to help build their public support. And so in the 2008 presidential campaign the McCarthyists are attempting to build more public support.

To end this diabolical, deceitful, jingoistic McCarthyist campaign that is determined to rob Americans of their last vestiges of freedom start thinking for yourself and if you cannot or are unable, do some research before spreading more lies and disinformation by going to snopes.com and factcheck.org. End the megalomania; end it today before your freedom is stolen from you.

I do not have a problem with people believing in ideas that I do not, or supporting political parties that I do not, but being complicit to jingoism, McCarthyism, and Fascism is tantamount to treason of the ideals of freedom and liberty that America was founded on.



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    Comment by Ron Paul — August 5, 2008 @ 8:10 pm

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