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August 1, 2008

Debit Card Fraud and Cloning

On Wednesday I received a notice from my bank, where I have had my checking account for twenty two years, that I had irregular check card activity. I stopped what I was doing and immediately called my bank, upon which they notified me that my debit card had been cloned and it was being used. We went over my transactions, which did not take long for me to identify that there indeed had been fraudulent purchases made with my debit card in Fort Meyers, Florida. Three purchases had been made at a gas station and one at a mini mart for the grand total of $291. My bank immediately stopped my debit card, and within 24 hours replaced my stolen money. Of course, while I was checking my account online I noticed there were three other transactions that had posted to my account that I did not make and were in equal amounts of money at the same location the others were made for a grand sum of $225. Needless to say I blew a gasket when I saw the transactions since they were posted after I confirmed the debit card had indeed been cloned. The bank claims they will put the money back into my checking account within 24 hours. It has not been 24 since that happened, but if their past behavior is any indicator, I expect to find the money in my account in the morning. Of course, my bank wants me to fill out an affidavit and send it to back to them within 30 days, which is reasonable. For added security, since they said they would conduct a three month investigation, I filed a police report at the county sheriff’s department, which after talking with a sheriff, is all that it does, lends credibility to my claim.

While going through this I am perplexed as to how my card was cloned. I have reviewed in my head, and with my bank statement, where I had been immediately prior to the cloning. I shop at all of the same places, places where I have been going for years, including the gas station, and I do not use ATMs, which is supposed to be the favored place of cloners. I had not been to a sit down restaurant recently, the next favored place, so it had to be the grocery store, or the gas station, but I will never know for a fact. So I share this story, so that others can learn from this and try their best to protect themselves. Not once did I see anything suspicious, but I will be more cautious in the future. To learn more about debit card cloning click here.


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