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July 31, 2008

Obama and McCain on Economic Issues and Other Positions

Filed under: Daily Observations,Economics,McCain,Obama,politics — Julie P @ 12:12 am

There is one thing that I have noticed when people run for an elected office, any office, often times they do not know what the issues are or where the candidates stand on the issues. This presidential election cycle is no different. People claim they do not know where Barack Obama stands on the issues, yet he has enumerated them many times. It appears that people have bought into the spin that Obama does not have a plan, but he does. However, if people know so little about Obama’s positions on the issues, even though they have been discussed many times and are available on his website, then it is fair to believe that people have no idea what McCain’s positions are either. After all, if Obama can repeat his positions over and over, then the same can be said for McCain. On that note here are the positions that both candidates hold on economic issues, just to clear this up. Furthermore here are where they stand on the issues that are available on the Obama website and the McCain website. If you plan on voting, then now is the time to inform yourself and quit believing all of the spin.


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