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July 30, 2008

Reading the Tea Leaves, Who will be the VP?

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Once the dust has settled after the presidential primaries and both parties have their presumptive nominees going into the party conventions people begin to read the tea leaves as to who will be their vice presidential running mate. There is much speculation as to who it could be, the speculation splashes across the front page of every newspaper website there is with only 26 days left to the Democratic convention and 33 Days until the Republican convention. Here is a list of who the pundits believe could be on the Democratic ticket and who could be on the Republican ticket. Since I am not a physic or pretend to be able to read the tea leaves, I will wait until the conventions, but I am interested as to who could possibly be second in command of the United States.



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  1. The vice-presidency is so important this year because of McCain’s age and illness and people believing that Obama is just not smart enough to be president. If McCain cannot finish his presidency, his vice will have to. If Obama cannot make the correct choices, many believe he will at least have a smart Caucasian man to back him up. These are the facts. This is what many Americans are thinking. Well I am here to say that Obama doesn’t need that kind of help. He is a man who is sincere and he will get us out of the mess the Republicans have gotten us into!!!

    Comment by Brenda — August 5, 2008 @ 1:11 am

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