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July 29, 2008

US Record Deficit

Filed under: Daily Observations,Economics,politics — Julie P @ 2:03 am

I am your average American on the street; the person who gets up and goes to work every day, working 50 hours a week; the person who obeys the law; and the person who worked their way through college and paid for college while there, because I am the average American who suffered an occupational disease and was forced to leave a fourteen year career, leave behind a business and retrain for another career and believed the time to pay for higher education was while there and not afterward. I am the American who has a strong work ethic, discipline, and has the ability to practice self discipline and delayed gratification. Yet, I am your average American who is outraged at our current Administration for their fiscal irresponsibility because this Administration lives in a fantasyland of live for the day, and to hell with tomorrow, consequences be damned.

Thomas Jefferson believed in fiscal responsibility for a nation and not to borrow money to finance a nation, especially with foreign money, yet here we are with a $483 Billion deficit, or to put it another way, $815 Billion in debt because we have had for nearly eight years of the most irresponsible, arrogant, dry drunk for a president whose only concern is his legacy. George Bush you have squandered our good name and reputation, you have squandered our future with your arrogant incompetence, and you have done it with by spending too much money on war with no end, and you have done it by borrowing money from foreign governments and foreign institutions. You ruined three businesses before you even entered politics and now you are determined to have your legacy, your precious legacy, to be the president to bankrupt America, to ruin America, not even Herbert Hoover was that stupid, President Bush. You hide behind your false patriotism; you flaunt the American ideals I previously stated about discipline, the practice of it, delayed gratification, and the American dream of self employment and higher education, but all you have shown is your stupidity, and complete lack of understanding of managing money, building for a united future, and no true understanding of American values. I pity the next president because the person will inherit your precious legacy, a legacy of fiscal irresponsibility. Get the hell out of the White House and do it today.


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